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Gov. Sanders Sounds Off On Biden, Says His Actions Are Destroying America

Governor Sanders Lambasts Biden’s Border Disarray: A Plea for Stronger Leadership

Arkansas's Republican Governor, Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Arkansas’s Republican Governor, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, has not held back in voicing her strong criticisms of President Joe Biden’s present administration, which she unequivocally labels as ‘underperforming’. She empathetically argues that voters are disenchanted with what she calls Biden’s lax stance on immigration control. Sanders lamented the perceived disregard for the serious implications of unchecked immigration by the present administration.

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‘The president can and should exercise the authority vested in him to effectively control our borders,’ Sanders contended, ‘we are seeing unprecedented numbers of immigrants trying to enter the country unlawfully. A couple of strategic decisions such as reinstating the ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy or advancing the border wall project could change this situation for the better. However, we are witnessing nothing but complacence.’

Sanders then presented a case study from her state, Arkansas, putting forth circumstantial evidence of the gravity of the situation. ‘Arkansas alone intercepted a substantial amount of fentanyl last year – enough to jeopardize every Arkansan’s life. That’s pushing three million people into the path of mortal danger. We are talking men, women, and children. To think that this hazardous scenario is possible within a single state is horrifying,’ she added.

Sanders pulled no punches when expressing her dissatisfaction with Biden’s performance. She stated, ‘The current state of affairs is directly attributable to the president’s ineffective policies. His negligence is endangering citizens while eroding our sovereignty. This turn of events strengthens the argument in favor of a change in leadership this November.’

Responding to a query regarding Biden’s love for the nation, Sanders struck a solemn tone. ‘If one truly loves this nation, one should not stand complacent in its gradual deterioration. Yet we bear witness, slowly and inexorably, to our economy’s downturn and our borders’ fragility, under this administration. Our adversaries are emboldened due to our faltering stance, not fearing us as they should.’

‘Our friends on the global stage harbor diminishing respect for us. Every step taken by the president appears to push the American people towards an unfortunate demise. This gross inability to secure our borders or to inspire confidence domestically or internationally serves as a compelling argument against his suitability for the presidency,’ she argued.

Meanwhile, former President Donald Trump has promised uncompromising measures to fortify the U.S.-Mexico border if he reclaims the presidency in the upcoming election. What is notable here is that his vow resonates powerfully within a particular demographic — the Latinos. A recent Axios-Ipsos survey provides insights into a growing support among the Latino population for stricter border control and a hardline stance on illegal immigration.

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The survey revealed an interesting trend: the percentage of Latinos rooting for the extension of the border wall and endorsing the deportation of illegal immigrants has grown by upwards of 10% since 2021. Intriguingly, the increased inclination toward Trump’s stark rhetoric regarding border security is evident even among those who may have personal or familial ties to immigration.

The poll thus brings to light the Republicans’ strengthening vote base among Latinos. The growing exasperation over unchecked immigration, a hot-button issue for countless Americans during the election period, provides a backdrop to this shift. If Trump ascends to the presidency once again, his vow to fortify border security and potentially organize mass deportations – a move he suggests could impact millions – stands to be realized.

Sensing political disadvantage regarding border security, Biden has signaled he might ‘close the border’ to curb influx of immigrants. Yet, the Axios-Ipsos poll indicates increasing Latino support for a more stringent approach: 42% of the Latino adults surveyed supported construction of a complete U.S.-Mexico border wall or fence, marking a 12-point uptick from December 2021.

A rising 38% endorse the return of all undocumented immigrants residing in the U.S. to their countries of origin – a stark increase from 28% in 2021. Moreover, a staggering 64% of Latinos voiced their support for granting the president the authority to seal U.S. borders in response to an overwhelming immigrant surge.

Border wall support witnessed the strongest surge among Cuban Americans, usually inclined toward conservative beliefs and have benefited from decades of preferential immigration policies due to the Cold War. However, among Mexican immigrants and Mexican Americans, support remains relatively low at 37%. Only 43% of Central Americans expressed support for the wall.

As per the survey, the chief election-year concerns for Latinos, following inflation and crime, include immigration and crime. Even though a growing percentage of Latinos advocate for deporting immigrants present illegally, a significant majority (65%) still favor offering them a path to citizenship.

The majority, about 59%, support asylum for refugees fleeing violence and crime in their native Latin American nations. Ipsos’s senior vice president and pollster Chris Jackson provided an insightful comment on these findings.

Jackson tells Axios that the survey results indeed ‘paint a picture of slowly growing support among Latinos for hardline immigration stances’. Such a shift could prove decisive in the electoral landscape, where Latino voters represent an increasingly influential bloc.

With these seemingly shifting tides of Latino endorsement, both the current and former presidencies might do well to reassess their immigration strategies. After all, the beacon of American values shines brightest when adroitly contending with complex issues such as immigration.


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