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Ron DeSantis Announces Presidential Run for 2024 Despite Declining Polls

Governor Ron DeSantis Struggles to Connect with Regular People on the National Campaign Trail


It seems Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida has decided to throw his hat in the ring for the 2024 presidential election, despite his steady decline in political polls. Perhaps he’s hoping to save face, as his SuperPAC slogan is ‘Never Back Down.’

However, to me, it seems like a lost cause, and I’m not the only one who thinks so. Back in April, writer Bill Scher argued that DeSantis should pass on the 2024 election, as his public support had been in a downward trend since February 28. Unfortunately, that trend has worsened, with Trump currently leading DeSantis in Republican polls by 36.9 points, compared to 16 points just six months ago.


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So, what went wrong for DeSantis? Although he had previously seen success in Florida, his approach to the media has proven to be far too controlling and not scalable for a national campaign. As a result, he’s been struggling to connect with regular people on the campaign trail.

This could be due to his team’s successful efforts to turn him into a hot commodity as Governor of Florida, but ultimately it left him ill-prepared for the rigors of a potential presidential campaign.

DeSantis’ attempts to distance himself from the indictment against former President Trump have been another blow. Rather than taking a more direct approach, he seems to be furtively weaponizing the indictment, which doesn’t suggest the classic alpha-male spirit that many in the GOP prize. His inability to stand up to Rep. Matt Gaetz and the Walt Disney Company further reinforces that point. These missteps have contributed to a perception of DeSantis as a weak and indecisive leader, whether or not that’s an accurate portrayal.

It’s an incredibly tough position for DeSantis to be in. He can either throw down against Trump and try to de-throne the 45th President of the United States or hope that Trump’s support starts to wane and DeSantis can eventually pick up his supporters. Unfortunately, hope is not much of a strategy, especially when you’re launching a presidential campaign.

It’s a daunting feat to beat an incumbent President in the primaries, even more so when you have the likes of Donald Trump in the mix. However, if DeSantis wants to win the Republican nomination, he’ll need to develop a better strategy than what’s been working in Florida. For example, he’ll need to adapt to retail politics, which is crucial in states like Iowa and New Hampshire. He’ll also need to be more personable, which can be a challenge for someone who has spent most of his political career being heavily scrutinized and controlled by the media

The road to the White House is a long one, and there’s no guaranteed formula for success. However, there are certain tried-and-true approaches that can increase the chances of victory. For example, being a unifier within your party, having an inspiring message that resonates with voters, and displaying a clear vision for the future of America are all important aspects of a successful campaign. Unfortunately, DeSantis is lacking in some of these areas at the moment.

It’s fitting that DeSantis’ SuperPAC slogan is ‘Never Back Down.’ He’s positioning himself as a fighter who won’t back down from a challenge. However, this may not be enough to win over the conservative base, especially those who still idolize Trump. Only time will tell if DeSantis can rise to the challenge and prove himself to be a viable alternative to the former President.

Although DeSantis is a talented politician, there are still a lot of questions to be answered before he can seriously be considered a potential President of the United States. He’ll need to navigate the treacherous waters of national politics, where even the slightest misstep can be fatal. And he’ll need to convince voters that he’s the right man for the job and has what it takes to lead America forward.

It’s not uncommon for Governors to run for President, in fact, it’s practically expected of them. However, winning the nomination and then the general election is a whole other story. DeSantis’ campaign is still in its early stages, and he has plenty of time to adapt and reshape his strategy. But he’ll need to move quickly if he wants to avoid becoming just another failed presidential candidate.

As DeSantis prepares to officially announce his candidacy, he should keep in mind that it’s not just about him, but the entire Republican Party. His actions and words will reflect on the party as a whole, and it’s crucial that he presents himself in a way that positions the GOP as a viable alternative to the Democratic Party.

The GOP is facing a pivotal moment in its history, and the decisions made by its leaders will determine the future of the party. DeSantis has the potential to be one of those leaders, but he must first prove himself on the national stage.

It’s clear that DeSantis has a lot of work to do if he wants to be taken seriously as a presidential candidate. However, he has already demonstrated that he is a strong and capable leader, with a track record of success in Florida. If he can adapt to the new challenges that a national campaign will bring, he just might have a shot at winning the nomination.

The road ahead for DeSantis will be a challenging one, but if he’s up for the task, he just might be able to surprise his critics and emerge as a serious contender in the GOP primary. However, time is not on his side, and he’ll need to move quickly to avoid being left behind in the political race.

Regardless of the outcome, DeSantis’ presidential run will be closely watched by conservatives, moderates, and liberals alike. His actions and words will carry weight, not just within the GOP, but across the country. As such, he has a tremendous responsibility to present himself as a serious and viable candidate, with a clear vision for the future of America.

The GOP needs a leader who can bring the party together and inspire voters to get out and vote. Whether DeSantis is that leader or not remains to be seen, but one thing is for certain: he’ll have to fight tooth and nail to earn the nomination.

In conclusion, Governor Ron DeSantis’ decision to run for President of the United States is a bold move, but one that carries significant risks. He’ll need to adapt quickly to the realities of a national campaign, overcome his lack of popularity in the polls, and prove himself to be a strong and decisive leader with a clear vision for the future of America. It’s a tall order, but if anyone is up for the challenge, it’s Governor DeSantis.


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