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Governor Noem Reveals Tough Choices in Forthcoming Memoir

Kristi Noem Shares Insight into Tough Farm Life Decisions

South Dakota's Governor, Kristi Noem

South Dakota’s Governor, Kristi Noem, often mentioned as a likely vice-presidential nominee for previous President Donald Trump, willingly revealed in her forthcoming memoir difficult decisions she has had to make. These included the tough act of euthanizing one of her dogs, who proved to be more of a danger than a companion, and similarly a belligerent goat on her farm. The crux of sharing such personal accounts is to highlight her readiness to take on difficult tasks when necessary.

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Well-known in conservative circles, the 52-year-old Republican governor recounts these events, as an advance copy of the memoir reveals. Her memoir, soon to be published, holds the promise of offering insights into Noem’s life and values, as a person who is unafraid of making tough decisions and standing by them, even when they appear harsh to others.

In the memoir, Noem fondly mentions a wirehair pointer named Cricket. However, Cricket, barely a year old, turned out to have a temperament too aggressive to be tamed. Despite multiple attempts to train this pup, she proved to be a handful, even disrupting a hunting expedition by launching into an uncontrolled frenzy.

She had introduced Cricket to other dogs during this hunting trip. The goal was simple – she was hoping Cricket could take cues from the other dogs and learn from them. However, the plan turned awry when the pup, filled with unprecedented excited energy, plunged into a flock of chickens, causing chaos. In Noem’s words, it was akin to an ‘experienced hunter’ going rogue.

Governor Noem’s attempt to control the situation only led to Cricket lashing out. The dog turned around with ferocity and bit her. The pup’s actions were indicative of a deep-seated aggression that Noem quickly realized posed a danger to anyone who approached her, deeming her a liability, especially in her role as a hunting dog.

Faced with the grim reality of her dog’s dangerous demeanor, Noem was left with the difficult decision of letting her go. Recall that for Noem, actions born out of necessity, however distasteful, are part and parcel of life, and true to her belief, she made the hard call.

Noem narrates the saddening scene where she led Cricket to a gravel pit, firearm in hand. The act was difficult for her, but Noem pressed on, knowing that there was no other way forward if safety was to be assured.

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Tugging at the heartstrings of her readers, Noem details the moment when her daughter Kennedy came home, cluelessly looking around for Cricket. The timing of these incidents remains undisclosed in the memoir, but the emotional impact resonating from these stories is felt all the same.

In another instance, the memoir mentions a male goat, which Noem describes as ‘nasty and mean.’ The goat’s aggressive behavior, combined with its unpleasant, potent smell, became too much to bear when it started terrorizing Noem’s children, chasing them relentlessly.

Once again, faced with the goat’s nuisance and the danger it posed to her children, Noem stepped in. She took a firm decision to euthanize the goat, much like she had Cricket. In Noem’s mind, making tough calls, required for the safety of her family, proved she was a woman of action.

However, the goat’s ordeal did not end as swiftly as Cricket’s. Upon firing the first shot, the goat survived, forcing Noem to make the drive back to her truck to retrieve another shell. With tangible urgency, she returned to the pit and completed her task.

Noem concludes her account with a note of self-awareness, acknowledging that it may not be typical for a politician to share such stories. She seems to understand that her decisions, made from necessity, could position her as a politician who is not afraid to do necessary ‘dirty-work.’

The memoir states that a local construction crew witnessed the Governor in action, providing a sense of confirmation to the stories shared. The memoir, titled ‘No Going Back: The Truth on What’s Wrong with Politics and How We Move America Forward,’ is set to be released next month.

On social media, Noem spoke about these events, hinting at more such politically incorrect tales shared in her forthcoming book, much to the anticipation of her followers and critics alike. The governor illustrates her ability to be honest and upfront, the two qualities that may appeal to a conservative demographic.

The resilient governor also took to the platform to address the recent media coverage ahead of her book release. She used her farm-life experiences to convey how hard decision-making is a norm in such a setting.

Other instances, such as putting down their family horses, further cement her stance about the harsh realities and tough decisions that farm life calls for. If you’re looking for a book that gives an honest portrayal of conservative, real-life stories often skipped in political dialogues, Noem encourages preorders of her memoir.


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