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GOP-Majority House Legislation Passes Votes to Prohibit Temporary Migrant Housing on Public Lands

Republicans Rally Behind New Immigration Bill: A Winning Strategy for 2024?


Last Thursday saw the GOP-majority House move forward with its decision on an influential issue pertaining to migrants residing unlawfully in the United States. This comes in the wake of an unprecedented influx of migrants following President Biden’s swift rollback of comprehensive immigration regulations and border management methods imposed by his predecessor.

The newly instated provision bars the use of public land for the brief accommodation of these migrants during their asylum request procedure, as stated by Colorado Newsline.

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The voting paved the way for the conception and passage of H.R. 5283, with a notable portion of Republican support, by a margin of 224–203. This development was reported by the outlet, but the outcome of the bill in the Senate is predicted to bear no favors for the GOP.

With Democrats holding a thin majority in the upper house, many have voiced their criticisms of the bill, viewing it as a political maneuver in anticipation of the 2024 elections with robust immigration policies forming the backbone of the GOP’s strategy.

Bruce Westerman, Chairman of the House Committee on Natural Resources and a Republican from Arkansas, made a clear statement: ‘The responsibility of the National Park Service is to retain and protect natural and cultural treasures for future enjoyment, and not succumb to the unsuccessful border strategies of the Biden administration.’

The passage of the bill follows the Biden administration’s concession to a plea from New York City officials to establish interim accommodation and amenities for migrant families at the Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn’s southeastern region.

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The new legislation actively obstructs such activities on public land overseen by the National Park Service, the Bureau of Land Management, the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, or the Forest Service. The law also cancels a lease agreement set for 2023 between the National Park Service and the city of New York that would allow parts of the Gateway National Recreation Area to be used for housing migrants.

Remembering Trump’s 2016 presidential bid, he placed ‘border security’ at the forefront, a stand which many believed gave him a decisive victory in the electoral college against Democratic contender Hillary Clinton. It appears, as of late, Trump is resuscitating and repurposing this approach to his benefit.

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Newt Gingrich, the former House Speaker, in a recent conversation with Fox News anchor Laura Ingraham, emphasized the growing supporter base for Trump. He stated, ‘Current numbers reflect an exponential increase in Trump’s favor, a pattern of desperation is reflecting among the left now unlike what we’ve seen since maybe the South in 1860.

‘They have a candidate who seems lost, and looking at Joe Biden, it’s clear he can’t win, nor can they replace him,’ Gingrich reflected. ‘They are face-to-face with a situation where their adversary is getting stronger, more skillful, and more disciplined. This could lead to a critical juncture in our history,’ Gingrich added.

‘Groups that they believed would be in their corner are reflecting that ‘these people are unreasonable.’ They won’t vote for them,’ former Georgia Speaker expressed. ‘They consider them unreasonable because of the anguish – the anguish reflecting from the surge in fentanyl and crime, the anguish over living costs, and the anguish pertaining to the influx of immigrants.’

‘Every time they pivot, they see an inadequate president who’s overstayed his welcome. A level-headed Democratic Party, if it now existed, which doesn’t, would push for Biden’s resignation. But there exists no Democratic Party capable of making that happen, and he isn’t going to step down. Even if he did step down, they would have Kamala Harris as a replacement, as in their perspective, within their unique universe, you can’t defeat a black woman,’ Gingrich added.

The recent findings of a new EPIC/MRA survey show Biden trailing behind Trump by five percentage points, 46–41 percent, after having initially led Trump by a singular point in the same poll conducted in August, as reported by Newsmax on Monday. This denotes a six-point shift in just two months.


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