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 GOP Lawmaker Proposes Bill to Defund Sanctuary Cities 

‘No Federal Funds for Sanctuary Cities Offering Safe Haven to Migrants’


One representative from the Republican party who holds a seat on the House Homeland Security Committee is set to propose a bill targeted at withholding funds from cities that offer sanctuary status. These are jurisdictions that, in his perspective, are paradoxically asking for financial assistance from taxpayers to help manage the aftermath of the migrant crisis.

The proposed legislation, titled the ‘No Funding for Sanctuary Cities Act’ is being championed by Rep. August Pfluger, serving the state of Texas. The crux of the bill aims at changing existing federal laws which will subsequently render a city, county, or jurisdiction ineligible for a variety of federal law enforcement grants. Further, if such an area impedes federal immigration enforcement, it would also be disqualified from other grants managed by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) or the Department of Justice.

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Another requirement that the Act introduces is for the Secretary of the DHS to provide regular reports to Congress, detailing the number of states and localities that aren’t cooperating with federal immigration enforcement. Essentially, the Act empowers the DHS secretary to take punitive actions against those non-compliant jurisdictions, putting new pressure on them.

Subtle yet significant, the Act also indicates that any funds which are removed from non-compliant jurisdictions could be repurposed towards those that are in compliance with federal immigration enforcement. This proposition divides potential federal funding allocations in a way that favors those sync up with the federal approach on immigration.

To understand the context better, sanctuary jurisdictions are areas where the enforcement of federal immigration is either drastically limited or entirely banned. Central to this policy is the rejection of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detainers, which request that illegal immigrants in custody be transferred to ICE for potential deportation.

These cities with sanctuary status generally project themselves as open and welcoming towards immigrants. This includes even those individuals who might not have legally entered the country. Such cities are often positioned as safe havens for undocumented residents, providing them with a certain degree of protection against deportation.

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Mayors of such cities are now calling for increased federal assistance, including a hefty 5 billion dollars in aid. These funds are meant to assist in providing shelter and care for migrants. This request also encompasses a national decompression strategy to distribute some of these migrants to other areas.

Republicans, especially from Texas, where the Governor, Greg Abbott, has been transporting migrants to sanctuary cities, have raised accusations of hypocrisy against these cities. The claim stems from the premise that sanctuary cities, which profess a welcoming stance, are now on the receiving end of addition migrants.

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In the words of Rep. August Pfluger, the irony lies in the fact that mayors and governors advocating for sanctuary status, willingly defying federal law, are now turning to the federal government for monetary aid to handle a border situation that he links to President Biden’s administration.

Pfluger’s statement to Fox News Digital underscores this perceived irony: ‘It is the height of hypocrisy that liberal mayors and governors who intentionally flout federal law by declaring themselves ‘sanctuaries’ from immigration laws are now begging the federal government for money to manage President Biden’s border crisis.’

‘The crux of this proposed bill is straightforward: any state or locality which stands in the way of immigration law enforcement will be denied any financial help from federal taxpayers,’ according to Pfluger. In doing so, the Act signals a shift in policy that seeks to curb the autonomy of states and cities over immigration enforcement.

While the debate over this proposition and sanctuary cities intensifies, it’s vital to look at the migrant situation. As of December, encounters with migrants rose to over 302,000, following a fiscal year where over 2.4 million such encounters occurred.

This issue at hand extends beyond party politics to touch upon the heart of American immigration policy, and the autonomy of states and local jurisdictions. The nature of the solution proposed, to withhold federal funding from sanctuary jurisdictions, indicates a desire to bring about cooperation by attaching fiscal consequences to any divergence from federal immigration enforcement norms.

Furthermore, the proposed legislation highlights the ongoing debate over responsibility and burden-sharing in handling the complex migrant situation in the country. Cities that protect migrant rights find themselves on one side, facing off against federal mandate and enforcement agencies.

The passage or cocurrence of this Act in the United States Congress will, inevitably, have a significant effect on immigration policy across various states, either shifting the practices of sanctuary cities or reinforcing the federal push for immigration enforcement. Time will be the witness to whether this delicate balance shifts, stays, or find a new path entirely.

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