Gisele Bündchen Spotted in Costa Rica with Jiu-Jitsu Coach

Bündchen Sports Stylish Casual Ensemble during Costa Rican Getaway

Gisele Bündchen, renowned supermodel, recently took a tranquil trip to Costa Rica preceding Thanksgiving, accompanied by her kids and jiu-jitsu coach, Joaquim Valente. The group was captured on camera in the midst of a laid-back Wednesday lunch, surrounded by an idyllic tropical landscape.

Bündchen, an icon for Victoria’s Secret, displayed her admirable fitness in a ruffled top and black high-rise shorts, while Valente opted for a simple casual attire of a deep blue tee and printed black shorts. Bündchen’s children, Benjamin, 13, and Vivian, 10, fathers by her former husband, Tom Brady, portrayed the essence of holiday ease with their casual dress mode.

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The charming lunchtime scenario on Wednesday was a picturesque display of good cheer and relaxation. The fashion icon was seen wearing a stylish black high-rise shorts and ruffled top ensemble. Her children, Vivian and Benjamin, were dressed comfortably, with Vivian in a white graphic t-shirt and shorts, and Benjamin favoring black athletic shorts without a shirt.

The group was staying in Costa Rica for quite a few days, with sightings of Bündchen and Benjamin going for a beach stroll on a Tuesday morning. The plans the supermodel had for her children’s Thanksgiving celebrations remained unclear as they left the Central American destination on Thursday.

Valente kept it cool with his black, printed shorts and navy blue t-shirt, enjoying the sultry climate as he trailed behind Bündchen and her children.

Bündchen and Valente’s friendship has stood the test of time, which was evidenced when they were seen training at his family-run gym in Miami earlier this year. That time, Bündchen stole the show with her fit abs.

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The pair has even been spotted paddleboarding together in Miami, prior to visiting Costa Rica. Bündchen took up jiu-jitsu lessons for her children which paved the way for their first meeting. Valente’s muscular arms were evident through his attire.

Bündchen’s tiny top was a perfect stage for her toned abs, sparking attention. She was spotted carrying leftover food from their lunch with Valente as they called it a day.

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In an interview with Dust magazine in 2022, she shared that she hadn’t initially planned to practice jiu-jitsu herself. ‘To be frank, I wasn’t even contemplating it for myself in the beginning. However, my conversations with Joaquim during my child’s first class sparked a deep interest within me. I grasped that the art was more than just a method of self-defense and saw its philosophical depth. That resonated with my personal beliefs and the journey of self-discovery I was embarking on, and so, I was hooked.’, she added

It was Tuesday when Bündchen and Benjamin were captured on camera during their morning beach walk with their pet canine. The same year, Bündchen took to Instagram to showcase her admiration for jiu-jitsu stating, ‘The more skills we accumulate the better we become. My self-confidence, strength and sense of empowerment have amplified since I started practicing self-defense. I firmly believe it’s crucial, especially for us women.’

Bündchen has always been vocal about how significant jiu-jitsu is for her everyday routine by injecting words of appreciation for her trainers, the Valente Brothers, on her social media.

She has rejected the rumors of her dating Valente post her split with Brady in an interview with Vanity Fair. She stated, ‘I assume, because of my divorce, that they’re going to connect me to all sorts of associations.’, she commented on the gossip.

Despite the gossipy tidbits hinting a romance between her and Valente after Brady and she separated, she outrightly denied them. ‘I am truly grateful to the Valente Brothers who have helped me, my children and become more like great friends, especially Joaquim.’ she continued.

Bündchen emphasized, ‘Joaquim is our guide and, most importantly, a personality I greatly respect and trust’ She mentioned about the positive energy that the kids were surrounded with and how much she appreciates it.


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