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Gingrich Questions Who Really Makes the Decisions at the White House

Is Obama Secretly Calling the Shots Behind Biden’s Failing Cognitive Ability?


Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich recently spoke with Fox News about his concerns regarding the Biden White House.

Gingrich expressed his dismay at President Biden’s performance during his vacation in Maui, stating that he appeared disconnected and out of touch.

As the commander-in-chief of the world’s most powerful military, it is alarming to see such behavior. Gingrich believes that Biden’s cognitive decline is becoming increasingly apparent and that many Americans share this concern.

Gingrich pointed out that a significant portion of the American population, approximately 77 percent, believes that Biden is too old to run for reelection at the age of 80. The former speaker worries that Biden’s condition will continue to deteriorate with time.


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He questions who is truly making decisions at the White House because it is clear that Biden is not capable of doing so. Gingrich believes that the driving force behind the Biden administration is former President Barack Obama, who has a strong presence in Washington and a highly competent team.

Highlighting Obama’s continuous presence in the city, Gingrich emphasizes that his staff has a notable influence on the Biden administration.

While Biden may struggle with cognitive decline, Gingrich asserts that Obama is intellectually sharp.

Observing the current administration, Gingrich draws similarities between its policies and those of the Obama administration, suggesting that Obama’s influence is significant.

Gingrich concludes that the Biden administration’s policies are radical and left-wing, expressing concern over their impact.

He criticizes their electric car policy, which he believes will result in the loss of thousands of jobs without significant long-term benefits.

Furthermore, Gingrich disapproves of what he considers excessive interference in Americans’ lives, such as proposing limitations on the number of beers one can consume per week.

According to the DC Enquirer’s previous report, a majority of Americans, around 60 percent, question Biden’s mental fitness to serve as president. Almost half of the respondents describe his condition as ‘not at all well.’

It is evident that Biden’s mental decline is stark in comparison to his time as Obama’s vice president. This reinforces the widely known fact that Obama and his former staff have played a substantial role in the Biden White House, supporting Gingrich’s assertions about Biden’s incompetence.


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