Full Forensic Audit of Georgia Election?

In what has become the latest, obligatory political trend of 2021 – and just coming off the New Hampshire audit that discovered high levels of technical errors – conservatives in Georgia are going forward and applying pressure on Governor Brain Kemp to authorize a forensic audit on all November 3rd ballots.

This announcement comes on the heels of this year’s Republican State Convention in George, which, according to officials at the convention, saw a 100% increase in antecedence over last year’s convention. The most important political issue for those who attended? Election integrity.

531 republican representatives of the state, ranging from staffers, activists, personalities, and even delegates, put their names to an open letter signed to Governor Kemp urging the full audit.

Our goals are simple”, the letter reads, “We want to discover the underlying problems that occurred last year and ensure that we never make those same mistakes again.”

Despite what can only be described as systematic dismissal of instances involving software errors in machines, denial of entry to poll-watchers, and the latest case in the NH audit revealing the creases on ballots had caused votes to be either incorrectly tabulated or discarded altogether, many in the mainstream media have been reluctant to peruse these stories. And while a grand, coordinated conspiracy to hijack is, honestly, unlikely, a sum of smaller, individual acts spurred on fear spread by years of bad journalism was all but a certainty.

As of earlier this spring, George has made strides in tightening election security, while even broadening access at the same time – much to the chagrin of the “let16 year-olds vote crowd”. Voter identification, easily the most common-sense measure that can be taken to prevent impropriety and fraud, has been made the law in Georgia – and has predictably been called bigoted. How so? Sound minds may never know.

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