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George Soros Slammed for Investing $15 Million in Anti-Israel Pro Hamas Organizations

Unexpected Allies: Examining Soros’ Financial Backing to Anti-Israel NGOs

George Soros


Respected financier and philanthropist George Soros has been under considerable examination by Israel’s UN Ambassador, consequent to his investment of more than $15 million into several non-governmental organizations (NGOs) ostensibly backing Hamas.

In an unfortunate event on October 7, Hamas initiated an incursion into southern Israel leading to the tragic loss of approximately 1,200 lives, including over 30 American citizens. There’s been a common understanding that sprouts from these events — Hamas hasn’t truly been advocating for peace or seeking a resolution to the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine.

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The Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) campaign, a movement taking aim at the State of Israel, isn’t foreign to this context. This movement shares resemblances to the Nazi- led embargo against Jewish-owned businesses during the initial stages of the Holocaust, explaining why it was categorized as antisemitic by both the German and Austrian parliaments.

Some investigative work raised concerns to the point that the Open Society Foundations (OSF) were believed to have funneled substantial resources into anti-Israel NGOs that purportedly endorsed Hamas.

In a spotlighted report by Fox News Digital in October, it was indicated that Biden’s initially appointed envoy to Iran, Malley, was temporarily sidelined for his attempts to engage with the U.S.-proclaimed terrorist groups, Hamas and the Hezbollah based in Lebanon.

Meanwhile, the OSF, eye-catching in its philanthropy, extended a significant sum, close to $13.7 million, to the California-based Tides Center. Certain beneficiaries of the Tides Center, non-profit entities, are accused of endorsing the catastrophic end of the State of Israel.

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Responding to such violent imprints of the past, the consensus has remained – legal accountability must be ensured for the blemishes on humanitarian law and the war crimes committed. Back in 2007, Soros, through an opinion piece in the Financial Times, expressed his disagreement with the U.S. and Israeli governments, for their rejection of Hamas as the legitimate rulers of Gaza Strip.

OSF has not held back from supporting two progressive NGOs, namely Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) and IfNotNow. Subtleties reveal that these Jewish NGOs’ names could be conceived as misleading, according to established commentators on antisemitism. Since 2017, OSF’s financial backing to JVP has been noteworthy, exceeding $650,000.

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Recently, problematic depictions surfaced when the Detroit branch of IfNotNow circulated a flyer bearing an image of a paraglider, alluding to the Hamas militants and their airborne ploy to eradicate Jews. IfNotNow has positioned itself as one of the key orchestrators of the campaign against Israel on U.S. soil since October 7, as pointed out by the Anti-Defamation League.

Reports suggest that OSF’s financial support to IfNotNow was to the tune of $400,000. There have been conjectures around OSF’s grants to certain Jewish NGOs questioned for capitalizing on their Jewish identity to make their critique of Israel (and implied backing of terrorism) appear politically and socially acceptable, as critics like Joshua Muravchik suggest.

In an interesting turn of events, Alex Soros, George Soros’s son, inherited the responsibility of managing his father’s substantial wealth of $25 billion recently. In a conversation with Fox News Digital, Israel’s Minister of Diaspora Affairs and Social Equality, Amichai Chikli, expressed, ‘From our perspective, it seems like the son is mirroring his father’s image. We don’t anticipate him turning a strong Zionist.’

After these revelations surfaced, Fox News Digital made efforts to garner insights from JVP, The Tides Center, and IfNotNow. Till the critical moment, explicit responses were not received from these entities. The whole development underlines the complexities associated with foreign donations and the alleged support to controversial entities.

Time will reveal how the conversation around foreign aid, organizations, and associations shape up. The accountability of wealthy donors in global causes, seen through the prism of the ongoing imbroglio surrounding the Soros family, creates a balance between philanthropy, geopolitical dynamics, and perceptions.

Such extended financial backing to NGOs, while construed with malicious intents or innocent support, has substantial potential to shape geopolitical scenarios. In such delicate matters, a careful approach, as well as a thorough investigation of the potential implications of these investments, are paramount.

Regardless of political leanings or ideologies, the deaths of innocent people – Israelis or Palestinians, Americans or others – are a sobering reminder of the perils of unresolved conflicts. It is imperative to reinforce efforts towards the achievement of peace, stability, and mutual respect among nations.

As the world continues watching, it’s important to reexamine our individual and collective roles in global conflict resolution. The intricate mesh of geopolitics, philanthropy, and public perceptions like the ones around the Soros family presents challenging questions to all. At the heart of them all is the hope for concerted efforts and sustained dialogue for resolution and peace. The verdict of time ultimately defines the consequences of all actions and inactions.


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