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Gambino Syndicate ‘Joe Brooklyn’ Lanni Accused of Leading Mafia Influence over NYC Waste Disposal

Gambino-linked Faction Arrested for Samurai-like Intimidation Tactics

In a recent development, federal prosecutors in Brooklyn accuse a faction of the Gambino crime syndicate of engaging in a multitude of violent strategies to seize control of the city’s carting and demolition sectors.

Drawing on their passion for samurai-like tactics to execute their illicit activities, these alleged criminals were even said to have toasted their successes with champagne. This grand operation led to the arrest of ten individuals believed to be part of the notorious Gambino family.\

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In addition to the nabbing of these ten operatives, a coordinated operation resulted in the arrest of six additional individuals by Italian law enforcement. This marked a significant victory in the unending battle against organized crime, demonstrating cross-border cooperation and the effectiveness of synchronized enforcement efforts.

One of the key figures in the operation is said to be the reputed mob boss known as Joseph ‘Joe Brooklyn’ Lanni, age 52, hailing from Staten Island. Lanni and his accomplices have been charged for allegedly employing arson and violence to manipulate and dominate both the waste disposal and demolition sectors in the city.

One of the dramatised plots outlined by the prosecutors involved a well-established New York City waste disposal company being subjected to mafia-styled threats in exchange for monthly tributes. Diego ‘Danny’ Tantillo, a reputed 48-year-old Gambino henchman, was reported to be working along with two Sicilian Mafiosi, Vito ‘Vi’ Rappa and Francesco ‘Uncle Ciccio’ Vicari.

To help execute their mission, they recruited Kyle ‘Twin’ Johnson, another alleged soldier of the Gambino Clan.

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The prosecutors quoted an intercepted communication between Rappa and Tantillo, in which Rappa described a unique method Vicari had employed to threaten a terrified man. Allegedly, Vicari picked up a knife and theatrically told the man that he should threaten his associate with bisecting him, a clear nod to samurai traditions.

This came in the wake of an assault on one of the waste disposal company’s associates, another victim of the violent extortions. This man not only held a position in a demolition company, but was also a target of the same brutal tactics.

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Fully surrendering to these threats, the owner of the waste disposal company resumed his payments to the criminals, a victory that called for celebrations in the eyes of the ruthless extortionists. It’s alleged that Vicari and Rappa even shared a small bottle of champagne to commemorate their successful restoration of the forcefully obtained income.

In a subsequent request to detain Lanni without bail, prosecutors underscored Lanni’s notoriously volatile temperament. They narrated an incident occurring on September 1 in Tom’s River, New Jersey, where Lanni’s violent reaction resulted in his expulsion from a bar. This additional information was presented to highlight his potential danger to the community.

Resulting from these serious charges and allegations, Lanni, along with his henchmen Tantillo and Johnson, were told they would remain in custody without an option for bail during their arraignment at the Brooklyn Federal Court, which took place this Wednesday.

Bond was initially set at $1 million each for Rappa, Vicari, and MInsquero; however, the release has been held up for a day to allow time for the government to challenge it. These attempts to secure bail demonstrate the high stakes involved and the serious nature of the proceedings.

Out of the remaining four defendants, bond was established for two, while the third was ordered to remain in custody. The fourth is currently detained in Pennsylvania and is awaiting his arraignment. This diverse group of arrests points to the expansive influence and the wide footprint of the alleged crime syndicate.


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