Fulton County, Georgia Audit Uncovers Double Counted Ballots, Additional Discrepancies

While evidence of coordinated, interstate voter fraud has yet to be uncovered, it is wholly disingenuous at this point to claim that there was no evidence of inappropriate conduct on election night of 2020.

The ongoing forensic auditors for Fulton County, Georgia – a state that has been ground zero for a number of election-related controversies – have uncovered evidence that the deeply blue county improperly tabulated over 4000 mail-in-ballots; having counted them more than once.

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In a separate series of incidents cited by the auditors, votes for Trump were counted as being for Biden. A batch of 100 ballots that had been counted for Biden were, in fact, a batch of 59 Biden votes, 42 Trump votes – not even correctly reporting the exact number of ballots counted. Another seven batches of ballots, which totaled 554 for Trump, 140 for Biden, and 11 for Jo Jorgenson, reportedly had been falsely recorded as 850 votes for Biden, and none for Trump and Jorgenson. Once again, even the total number of individual ballots was incorrect in the final count.

Perhaps the largest finding made was that approximately 35,000 Georgianians, who had since moved out of Fulton county, had, in violation of the law, cast their ballots in Fulton county. To add to that, those votes, which ought to have been discarded, were instead counted and included in the final totals. Trump lost the state of Georgia by less than that 35,000 vote total.

While this new evidence (and it is evidence) of election discoloration at least and outright fraud at worst is damning for election officials in Fulton County and beyond, it is not the last of the findings that have been uncovered. More evidence is expected to be released in the coming days.


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