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From Diss to Praise: Snoop Dogg Acknowledges Trump’s Merits

Snoop Dogg on Trump: ‘He Ain’t Caused Me Any Harm’


There’s seldom a moment in popular culture not influenced by the well-known rapper and social justice spokesperson, Snoop Dogg. A surprising change in sentiment, however, caught many off-guard recently, with Snoop Dogg openly appreciating the actions of former President Donald Trump. In a fresh conversation, Snoop Dogg, currently 52, generously recognized the works of Donald Trump, an individual he had previously been rather critical of.

Interestingly, Snoop Dogg’s words were specific: ‘Donald Trump?… He ain’t caused me any harm. On the contrary, I’ve only felt benefits coming from him. His pardoning of Michael Harris is a case to note,’ revealed Snoop in a recent chat with The Sunday Times. This acknowledgement of Trump’s decision is a significant change from the rapper’s earlier views on the former president.

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Let’s shed some light on who Michael ‘Harry-O’ Harris is. An ally of Suge Knight, the co-founder of Death Row Records, and the originator of Godfather Entertainment, the parent company of the label, Harris was granted a pardon in 2021. This act was among the last things Trump did before his term ended.

Death Row Records becomes important because this is where Snoop Dogg initially earned his fame. It was later in his stellar career that he parted ways with the label, only to possess it in 2022. As for Harris, he has had a turbulent past, with charges of conspiracy and attempted murder resulting in a long incarceration spanning three decades.

Snoop Dogg didn’t shy away from applauding the former president’s leniency towards Harris. He expressed his joy and appreciation towards Trump’s team for the decision. ‘That’s commendable work from the President and his team as they wrapped up their tenure,’ the rapper stated in an interview with the New York Post.

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These laudatory words from Snoop Dogg stand in stark contrast with his prior views on Trump and his followers during Trump’s time in the Oval Office. The rapper is no stranger to voicing his political beliefs, often taking a vocal stand to ensure his viewpoints are clearly represented.

Snoop Dogg’s vocal political stance is well-documented. As an example, during the 2012 presidential run between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, he posted an Instagram list explaining his reasoning to not support Romney and instead throw his weight behind Obama, the then senator from Illinois. This move by the rapper generated significant buzz.

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Nevertheless, when probed about his position if a hypothetical face-off were to occur between Trump and Joe Biden, Snoop Dogg remained vague. Not giving a concrete answer, he hinted that his decision could be contingent on public sentiment. ‘There are diverse opinions on this, hence, let’s see what the people have to say…’ Snoop Dogg mused during his talk with The Sunday Times.

In the dynamic world of politics, as in music, Snoop Dogg has proved that sentiments can change and evolve. His journey from a vocal critic of Trump to someone who lauds the former president’s action reinstates the idea that actions speak louder than words.

Whether it’s his music or his commentary on social issues, Snoop Dogg has always prioritized truth and fairness. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion; Snoop Dogg utilizes his platform to amplify his, no matter the subject or the individual involved.

It’s important to note that the rapper’s recent comments on Trump, specifically lauding his decision to pardon Michael Harris, should be perceived in isolation and not as a blanket endorsement of all of Trump’s actions or policies. This is a noteworthy point in these divisive times.

The evolution of Snoop Dogg’s views is a reminder of the power of actions. A single significant act, like Trump’s decision to pardon Harris, can provide a fresh perspective to the critique and can influence the image of an individual, no matter how established or controversial.

Perhaps Snoop Dogg’s somewhat surprising recent comments highlight something often forgotten – acknowledging when someone takes an action you agree with doesn’t mean endorsing every past or future action. In a polarized world, perhaps we can take a page from his book and remember this.

While Snoop Dogg’s political transformation highlights the rapper’s personal open-mindedness, it’s also a critical reminder to society at large. Differences in opinion do not necessarily eradicate the potential for common ground, and appreciating what’s commendable does not equate to complete agreement.

Snoop Dogg’s recent sentiment about former President Trump is a forceful reminder to us all: it’s possible for views to shift, for dialogues to open, and for appreciations to be extended, irrespective of earlier convictions and critiques. The rapper’s perspective illustrates the power of context in shaping, reshaping, and often, changing perceptions.

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