From ‘Baywatch’ to OnlyFans: The Evolution of Donna D’Errico

Donna D’Errico’s OnlyFans Success Fuels Her Advocacy for Animal Rights

Donna D’Errico, a former star of the TV show ‘Baywatch’, is embracing her newfound confidence that she attributes to her involvement with OnlyFans. In preparation for an upcoming campaign with PETA, the actress recently did a full nude photo shoot, offering Fox News Digital an exclusive glimpse behind the scenes.

Although D’Errico has never been more at ease with her body, she confessed some of her photo posts on the adult subscription site might not command agreement from her priest. Nevertheless, she seems to be enjoying her digital fame, and her faith remains solid despite slight tension with her OnlyFans work. “There’s a little tension, yes, but I’m not doing anything harmful or indecent,” D’Errico explained.

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She clarified, “I’m not involved in pornography, I’m not promiscuous, and I’m not engaging in any inappropriate acts. All I’m doing is enjoying myself. I’m not causing harm to anyone.” D’Errico elaborated on her personal philosophy, “I enjoy simplicity and sensuality. I like baring it all in the privacy of my home, but also relish getting all dolled up in an ultra-feminine manner. All women have the capacity to be this versatile, if they so desire.”

One commonly held misbelief about her involvement with OnlyFans which D’Errico wanted to dispel: Not all women, or men for that matter, involved with OnlyFans are in the adult industry. “It’s just not accurate,” she stated to Fox News Digital in December. “People are gradually starting to understand this difference, especially now that numerous celebrities have joined the platform. While OnlyFans has been mainly associated with adult content for quite some time, that doesn’t mean everybody on it is involved in that line of work.”

D’Errico, known for her role as lifeguard Donna Marco on ‘Baywatch’, joined this image-sharing platform just last year. Since then, she has been able to create a profitable enterprise and garner a large following comprising “tens of thousands of virtual boyfriends” thanks to OnlyFans. Perhaps one of the best payoffs from this digital venture: her renewed self-assurance.

She stated, “While I was already comfortable with my body before, my confidence has only grown after entering the OnlyFans platform. Unlike other social media like Instagram, where censorship and bullying are rampant, OnlyFans provides a safer space. I feel more at ease not just with my nudity around people, but with myself as a whole.” This newfound comfort in her body nudged her towards the decision to participate in a completely bare photoshoot.

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For her forthcoming PETA campaign, aside from wearing an 18K gold, double-sided Saint Benedict Pendant gold coin necklace by the brand Saint by Ira Dewitt, D’Errico decided to go completely nude. She elaborated, “The campaign concept is centered around ‘wearing your own skin’. It’s not merely an expression of choosing nudity over fur, but it stands against the use of down, wool, leather, or any animal-derived materials in clothing. It’s a bold message embracing various facets of animal rights.”

D’Errico, who lives a vegan lifestyle and uses cactus-leather handbags made by Gaia Leon, is a fervent advocate for animal rights. She was deeply devoted to the campaign’s theme of ‘wear your own skin’, so much so that she decided to forgo the usual nude coverings provided for stars in these photo shoots.

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D’Errico shared, “They suggested I wear nude colored coverings like pasties and a thong during the shoot given the presence of a crew. But, I declined because I feel comfortable with my nudity. It’s nothing but a natural state.” Her confidence and comfort in her own body echo throughout her words, praising the naturalness and power of self-acceptance.

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