Freshman Rep Claims Standardized Testing Is Racist

A freshmen representative Jamaal Bowman has taken cancel culture a step further. After Dr. Seuss, Shakespeare and math were dubbed racist, Bowman has come up with the idea that standardized testing is racist. 

Not only does he believe standardized testing is racist, he believe it is a “pillar of systemic racism” this may sound absurd but it is the reality we are living in. 

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Anything that challenges individuals in any way is dubbed racist. Bowman cited an article from National Education Association on the racist roots of standardized testing. 

If this were the case, and this form of testing was initially rooted in racism, why would that be relevant now? It doesn’t serve the same purpose. 

By this logic, the democratic establishment itself would still be racist today. It was rooted in severe racism and hatred. Beginnings do not always define outcome or current status. 

However, America was not the only country to implement standardized testing early on. China holds the oldest recorded recorded use of standardized testing. 

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