Fox News DEMANDS Miami Republican Mayor’s Campaign Ad REMOVE Tucker Carlson


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Miami Republican Mayor and potential 2024 presidential candidate Francis Suarez has allegedly been given an ultimatum by Fox News.

They are insisting his campaign ad refrains from featuring former Fox News host Tucker Carlson or the ad gets pulled. Conservative Chadwick Moore considered the ultimatum to be Stalinist. Despite this, the ad titled “Joe Biden’s America: Freeing Murderers, Arresting Heroes” which features “disturbing” images of violent crime and murders being overlooked was allowed to be broadcast once SOA America PAC removed items Fox News objected to.


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Fox News demanded that Suarez’s campaign ad remove all images and videos of Tucker Carlson as well as “violent crime scene footage that included guns or shootings, or they wouldn’t air the ad.” According to Chapin Fay from SOA America PAC, revisions to the broadcast were necessary to avoid Fox News refusing to air it. The ad was allowed to be broadcast by Newsmax without any amendments.

During an interview with Eric Bolling on “The Balance”, Moore discussed the ultimatum and accused Fox News of wanting to scrub Carlson from their records completely. Bolling himself was formerly of Fox News. Moore compares the behaviour of Fox News to that of Stalin. It is rumoured that Fox News has even gone as far as to ban the use of the letter ‘T’ in any form on-air. This rumour has come about following the firing of Carlson.

Fox News has been accused by Moore of using excessive amounts of aggression in all situations. They are not addressing the public or media about the firing of Carlson. Moore was shocked that Fox News was so upfront and honest concerning the demand that the campaign ad stops featuring Carlson. This has led to the public regarding the situation as a scandal.

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According to Moore, the behaviour of Fox News concerning the controversy is the most bizarre scandal ever to hit cable news. This situation is a mystery to the public, in that Fox News has never given a public or media statement concerning Carlson’s firing. This has resulted in the general consensus being that Fox News’s behaviour towards Carlson is mean-spirited and unnecessarily aggressive.

A campaign advertising co-ordinator noted that it wasn’t just restricting the use of Carlson that Fox News demanded. They also demanded that footage of violent crime scenes with guns and shootings not be used in the ad. This sparked controversy as the ad was political and highlighting the Joe Biden administration’s non-prison policy.

In the original ad, Carlson reported that Miami was on track to achieve a reduced crime rate. The ad contained content that conservatives that support Suarez could identify with. Latest reports suggest that Newsmax had no issues airing footage of Carlson or the violent crime scenes featured in the ad.

There are rumours that Fox News has banned the use of the letter ‘T’ from being mentioned on-air since Carlson’s dismissal. It has been reported that this is primarily to show support to the former Fox News host. Moore has alleged that should Carlson’s image and name be mentioned, the trend of removing Carlson will continue. This situation is a difficult one for the media, and it seems there is no way of ascertaining as yet why this is happening.

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Fox News’s treatment of Carlson is a source of concern for many in the conservative demographic. There are concerns that the media are censoring individuals and that freedom of speech is being suppressed. Fox News is still to respond to the growing concerns of the public as to why Carlson was fired. There has been a surge in support for Carlson on social media platforms, which cannot be ignored.

Moore believes that Fox News is one of the most aggressive media outlets out there. He believes that this is just one instance of their aggressive approach. As with the Carlson situation, there are many other instances where Fox News has shown extreme levels of aggression.

It appears that Fox News has now taken a more aggressive approach in its treatment of individuals it has parted ways with. This, coupled with controversies surrounding the company in recent years, have resulted in public outcries as to why the media outlet is behaving in this manner. Conservative supporters are rightfully angry that the ad featuring Suarez had limitations placed on it.

It could be argued that Fox News is trying to silence conservative voices. There has been an increase in censorship of conversations that are held in conservative circles. Fox News’s behaviour towards Carlson’s situation has come during a time of great upheaval in the US. It is understandable why the public is upset about the limitations the company attempted to place on the ad featuring Suarez.

Following a meeting between SOA America PAC and Fox News, amendments were made to the ad featuring Suarez. Once changes were made, the ad was allowed to be broadcast on Newsmax. The ad in question was a political one, and censorship should not have been necessary. Conservatives are worried that freedom of speech is being curbed in the US – this situation does nothing to ease those concerns.

In summary, Fox News has demanded that Miami Republican Mayor Francis Suarez’s campaign ad remove all images and videos of Tucker Carlson from airing on its broadcast. When amendments were made to the ad, it was allowed to be screened on Newsmax. This situation has brought about much controversy, and there is a growing concern that freedom of speech will be curbed in the future.

One of the accountabilities of the media industry is the right of freedom of speech. This right is seen by many as non-negotiable and should not be manipulated by media outlets like Fox News. The conservative audience has every right to be angry about the censorship that has been imposed here. The behaviour of Fox News towards individuals that aren’t currently on their network is a growing concern.

The situation with the ad featuring Suarez and Carlson is one of many of its kind. There are increasing concerns in the US of censorship and freedom of speech being slowly chipped away at by media outlets. The public should continue to question the behaviour of these media outlets as more situations like these develop in the future.


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