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Formerly Transgender Navy SEAL Warns Against Gender Related Procedures in Minors

Puberty Blockers Raise Serious Concerns Over Brain Development and Fertility


A retired Navy SEAL is speaking out against children receiving gender surgery and being put on puberty blockers. Chris Beck, a detransitioner formerly known as Kristen Beck, advised parents to look at the data available before making such a life-changing decision.

He revealed that 80% of children going through gender dysphoria or confusion before puberty get rid of it by the end of puberty; this crucial piece of information is often missing from counseling like the one Beck received. He noted that puberty blockers are irreversible and can affect minors’ fertility in the future, and that kids aren’t getting this data. This information will help parents make an informed decision.

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Beck’s own experience of getting gender confirmation surgery was a mistake that he regrets; it destroyed his life. He doesn’t want others to make the same mistake. He’s speaking up now to help parents understand potential outcomes of gender-related treatments, including double mastectomies and chemical castration.

He urges parents to share all available data with their children before making any decisions. In this way, parents can support children who are just confused while not putting them through unnecessary procedures or consequences.

One of the things Beck is concerned about regarding minors being put on puberty blockers is the effect on brain development. Human brains don’t stop developing until age 25, so a delay in puberty caused by blockers can impact brain development. This effect has not been studied in great detail, making it a serious concern. However, even without data on brain development, parents can consider other factors: They need to consider the difficulty in parenting a child who’s been changed permanently, and they also need to consider the possible negative effects of the treatment they choose for the child.

It is a clear injustice that children are often not shown all the data available and that this information isn’t highlighted more when discussing gender treatments. Beck’s message focuses on informing parents, who need to be particularly careful in considering these treatments for their children. He believes that most children will outgrow gender dysphoria and not require further treatment. For those who do require treatment, he suggests caution and weighing all the options. Making the right choice for your child is a serious responsibility that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

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Parents need to understand that double mastectomies and chemical castration are huge decisions to make for minors. Just one or two decades ago, gender dysphoria was not even a topic, but now cultural changes have led society to this point. In the rush to be accepting and tolerant, we might forget that there are consequences to everything. Parents should take their time in considering what to do and gather all available information. They need to understand that a child’s body is not a toy to be experimented with.

Beck’s own career as a Navy SEAL involved a lot of discipline and hard work, traits which he has put to good use in his current situation. He is utilizing his platform to alert parents and urge them to take a closer look at the data available. Beck is a brave man doing a brave thing because he wants to help others. It’s not easy to speak out against something that so many people consider to be a social justice issue. But Beck doesn’t believe that hasty decisions about gender reassignment and surgery, made with the wrong information, is the right way to show support.

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The lack of transparency around gender dysphoria is a nationwide problem. There is limited research on the subject, and many people don’t know what to make of it. Acknowledging this issue, as difficult as it is, is the first step to making changes. Beck is doing his part by sharing available data with parents so that they can make an informed decision. Parents are in charge of their children’s well-being, and Beck wants to support them by being transparent, honest, and informative.

It is difficult to take bold action in situations that affect people personally and emotionally. Nonetheless, Beck emphasizes that too many people are affected for this issue to be ignored. Sophisticated medical procedures involving irreversible consequences are not something that should be taken lightly. Parents need to be informed about the potential outcomes of any treatment they consider for their child. Although many people can empathize with the difficult decisions that parents make overall, Beck feels that more people need to realize that parents also have a responsibility to create and maintain a healthy home environment.

For too long, the conversation about gender transition has been painted with the broad brush of social justice. This one-dimensional view is not productive, especially when it affects children. Beck is determined that the conversation must change to include all the data available. Ultimately, leaving children alone until they are mature enough to make informed decisions for themselves is the safest option.

One of Beck’s key points is that puberty blockers remove a range of options for minors in the future. The irreversible consequences are ones that children might come to regret later in life. Once removed, breasts or sexual organs aren’t going to grow back. Some people understand that they are transgender early in life, and that’s fine. Everyone has the right to be their true self. But is it right to make such a life-changing decision for someone who might outgrow it or just be confused? Parents need to note the importance of informed choices and the weight of the decisions they are making for their children.

The troubling part of the current situation around gender dysphoria is that people are so often misinformed. That’s why it’s essential to spread reliable information and research as widely as possible. Beck is making a valuable contribution in this regard. His message is that caution is vital when considering gender-related treatments for children. Imposing medical treatments on minors is a weighty decision that should not be made lightly without considering all the consequences. Beck is not alone in this opinion; many healthcare professionals are also calling for a more balanced conversation around gender dysphoria.

Beck’s experience and advice are compelling, particularly when you consider that he went through gender confirmation surgery himself. In speaking up now, he’s trying to spread some much-needed awareness about the potential consequences of hormone treatments, puberty blockers, and surgeries. Puberty suppression and hormonal treatment might indeed be the right choices for some children, but informed decisions are essential. Parents must carefully evaluate the data before committing to any medical treatment for their children.

Parents are under enormous pressure to make the right decisions for their children, especially when it comes to medical matters. Beck recognizes the weight of that responsibility and advocates for healthy skepticism regarding gender dysphoria treatments for minors. He also reminds parents that, ultimately, it is their responsibility to be informed to act in their child’s best interests and not to be swayed by social trends. Individuals like Beck, who dare to speak out openly about this issue, are making a valuable contribution to the public conversation and encouraging greater awareness of this very complex issue.

Beck’s message is clear: children should be left alone to make such complex decisions for themselves after they reach a certain age and maturity. Early intervention, particularly with medical procedures, should come only after a lengthy, well-informed discussion. If you are a parent struggling with this issue or know someone who is, don’t feel alone. Beck’s wisdom can help you navigate this complicated subject so that you can make a good decision for your child. Knowing you have access to informed views will give you confidence in finding the best path forward.


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