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Former US Army Soldier Pleads Guilty to Plotting to Aid ISIS

Ex-soldier Plotted to Help ISIS Murder US Soldiers Abroad

U.S. Army Pvt. Cole Bridges plotted to help the Islamic State group murder U.S. soldiers abroad and had even provided advice on attacking New York City, according to prosecutors. The 22-year-old former soldier from Ohio pleaded guilty on Wednesday to plotting to aid America’s enemies.

U.S. Attorney Damian Williams described Bridges’ traitorous conduct as a betrayal of his comrades and his country. He will be sentenced on Nov. 22. This development has raised several concerns about the current state of terrorism in the US.

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As per records, Bridges joined the Army in 2019 and was assigned as a cavalry scout in the Third Infantry Division based in Fort Stewart, Georgia. It was around this time that he began consuming jihadist propaganda online.

Over time, he became involved in supporting ISIS on social media. Roughly a year later, he began communicating with an FBI agent masquerading as an ISIS ally.

Dismayed with the US military, Bridges expressed his desire to aid ISIS and offered training to the ISIS operatives, which included instructions on potential targets in New York City.

Prosecutors have applauded the FBI and the U.S. Army for their incredible work in thwarting Bridges’ plan. It is comforting to know that these agencies are taking proactive steps to protect us from potential threats.

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Despite being in the armed forces, Bridges’ sinister intentions do not reflect the patriotic values and strong beliefs that the majority of military personnel hold. It is concerning, however, that such radicalized extremist individuals do exist within the army and can pose a threat to national security.

The US has been a prime target for terrorist groups for several decades, and it is alarming that the extremist ideology and its threat continue to persist.

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This incident is a reminder that authorities must take a tougher approach to all threats facing the US and strive towards ensuring that radicalized works and individuals are identified and prevented from causing harm.

It’s incredibly disturbing that the individual trusted to protect our country was aiming to join forces with those who wish to harm us. Such intentions and actions weaken the morale of soldiers, demotivate the army and, ultimately, embolden terrorists.

The fact that Bridges had access to sensitive army information and material raises serious concerns, and the US authorities must take every possible step to identify and neutralize this threat.

The disturbing developments in Cole Bridges’ case have brought disparate thoughts and serious security concerns to the forefront. It is a harsh reminder that we live in uncertain times and that terrorism continues to be a real threat.

Such incidents reinforce the fact that the US must take a strong stance in combating radical terrorism and ensure that appropriate and effective measures are in place to eliminate any such threats that may arise in the future.

As per reports, Bridges followed an online radical ideology and consumed jihadist propaganda. This raises concerns about the rise of extremist content online and highlights the importance of online safety.

Such content must be reported, identified and appropriately regulated to prevent its spread. Online platforms must take proactive steps to counter radical content, and stronger laws must be put in place to hold such platforms accountable for their role in spreading dangerous ideologies.

It is incredibly disheartening that a person who pledged to protect our nation turned out to be a threat to national security. It goes without saying that the entire country must remain vigilant and work together to prevent such threats.

While serving in the military, Bridges took an oath to protect his country. By betraying that oath, he not only put the lives of many at risk but also caused mistrust and concern among the general public.

The incident involving Bridges is reminiscent of past cases involving soldiers who had extremist leanings.

This brings to light the various security checks and vetting processes in place. The US authorities must scrutinize these processes and implement stricter measures to prevent any such individuals from slipping through the cracks.

The fact that Bridges had access to the U.S. Army training manual and offered guidance on military combat tactics to ISIS raises several questions about the security protocols in place.

The US authorities should consider re-evaluating its security protocols and access to sensitive information. This could potentially mitigate the risk of infiltration by radicalized individuals.

Bridges’ actions are despicable, and justice must be served. He faces a 20-year sentence for attempting to provide material support to ISIS and another 20 years for scheming to murder American military personnel.

Through his actions, Bridges has not only threatened national security but also caused an irreparable loss of trust among your forces. It’s a grave matter that cannot be taken lightly, and the US must respond with utmost severity.

In conclusion, this incident highlights the importance of stronger security measures and online safety to curb the proliferation of extremist content. The US authorities must take every possible measure to identify and neutralize these threats at the earliest.

The US military, which has always remained a beacon of national security, must take proactive steps to ensure that such traitorous individuals are identified and prevented from causing harm before it’s too late. Combatting threats is an ongoing battle, and swift action must be taken to protect our citizens from these pervasive risks and ideologies.

The US has always been at the center of terrorist attacks, and it is critical that people understand the importance of safeguarding our nation. Such incidents are an eye-opener, and people must remain vigilant and ensure that anything suspicious is reported.

The US has always demonstrated resilience and unity in the face of adversity, and it is these qualities that will ensure that terrorism continues to be defeated in the nation.


It’s unfortunate that the actions of one individual have cast negative aspersions on the entire military community. The military, which stands for the protection of our nation’s values, must continue to be vigilant and work towards providing a safer nation for all its citizens.

The US has always been a target for terrorist organizations, and it is incredibly important that every American citizen does their part in ensuring that their country is protected. At the same time, authorities must be proactive in identifying and neutralizing all threats to national security.

The need for stronger surveillance, smart intelligence gathering and analysis, and efficient counter-terrorism operations have never been more important. By working together, we can ensure that our country remains safe and secure.

Cole Bridges’ story is a harsh reminder that terrorism is a real threat that lingers on. It is imperative that society works towards eliminating radicalized ideologies, preventing their spread, and supporting those who do the right thing.

The best way to combat terrorism is by staying united, strong, and vigilant—one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.


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