Former Texas congressman Will Hurd announces run for GOP presidential nomination


Will Hurd, a former Texas congressman and Central Intelligence Agency officer, has announced his bid for the Republican nomination for president. In doing so, he has voiced his criticism against former President Donald Trump, the election front-runner.

Hurd focused on the problems of illegal immigration, fentanyl, inflation, crime, and homelessness that Americans are currently facing. He called himself ‘a modern Republican voice’ and advocated for the importance of this election. It is important to note that Hurd served in the CIA for almost a decade, stationed in countries like Pakistan, India, and Afghanistan, as stated by the San Antonio Express-News.

During Hurd’s tenure as a representative, he played a critical role in enacting seven legislative bills. Some of these bills included the ‘Strengthening and Enhancing Cyber-capabilities by Utilizing Risk Exposure Technology Act’ and ‘To amend title 5, United States Code, to expand law enforcement availability pay to employees of U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s Air and Marine Operations’.

He also voted in favor of a bill that supports funding for minority-serving higher education institutions and increased the authorization of appropriations for Pell Grants. Hurd further voted for the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act of 2020, which aimed to limit qualified immunity as a defense and prevent racial profiling.

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The importance of the GOP nomination remains as Hurd, Haley, Ramaswamy, Hutchinson, Scott, DeSantis, Pence, Christie, Burgum, Suarez, and Trump vie for the presidential bid. Hurd uniquely stands out as a result of his extensive background in the country’s intelligence services, therefore serving as a balance to the table.

Hurd believes that illegal immigration is one of the most significant issues that America faces today. He stated that the United States must secure the border, a move that would include hiring more Border Patrol agents and implementing technology and infrastructure to detect and prevent illegal crossings effectively. He supports streamlining the immigration process for legal immigrants and bringing them from a position of living in the shadows to full citizenship.

Fentanyl abuse is also one of Hurd’s major concerns. He is calling for law enforcement to work hand in hand with the medical sector to address the growing epidemic of opioid overdoses. Hurd considers rising levels of crime and homelessness in the country to be direct consequences of drug addiction, urging a holistic solution that prioritizes these issues.

Hurd also understands the possible threats to the nation’s cybersecurity. He has been a crucial player in legislating against cyberattacks and cybercrimes. He perceives the country’s present approach to cyberdefense as inadequate, indicating that the country needs to reassess its cybersecurity readiness and infrastructure.

Hurd’s critical stance regarding Trump is not entirely surprising given their previous interactions. However, his candidacy’s impact is notable since he brings a unique and moderate stance to the Republican Party, offering a fresh and sane perspective amidst the chaos of American politics.

As a representation of the next generation of Republicans, Hurd sees himself as a catalyst for an alternative approach to governance. He does not view the government as the solution to every problem and believes in reducing the government’s size to ensure better efficiency. Hurd believes in a healthcare system that features free markets and private insurance while still prioritizing essential medical coverage for all Americans.

One unique aspect of Hurd’s political beliefs is his grounded perspective that affirms the country requires a two-party system to function correctly. He believes that identity politics undermines and polarizes the country, emphasizing the importance of finding solutions that address all Americans’ needs.

In the coming months, Hurd’s candidacy promises to bring a much-needed shift in Republican Party politics. For decades, the GOP has struggled to find a solid ground representing its values amidst political polarization. Hurd’s nomination promises to guide the party towards a new direction that puts America’s interests front and center.

Hurd’s vision for the country’s future includes environmental preservation efforts that focus on promoting free-market approaches, asserting that providing incentives would be more effective than mandatory measures. He believes that American exceptionalism is not an empty term but a fundamental principle that has been the nation’s driving force.

Hurd is a firm proponent of education reform, seeking to increase federal funding for education and expanding access to high-quality education for students from all economic backgrounds. He also believes in enhancing vocational education programs to ensure that students are well-equipped to pursue high-paying careers in the skilled trades.

Hurd is also a firm believer in prioritizing the military, citing that a strong national defense is critical to national security. He states that maintaining military readiness is of utmost importance, along with supporting military families and veterans.

In summary, Hurd’s candidacy represents a bridge between traditional Republican values and a modern perspective on governance. His extensive background in intelligence, combined with his political philosophy and beliefs, makes him a stand-out candidate who offers a fresh perspective to a party that has been swept away by the Trump era. As the Republican Party grapples with the direction of its future, Hurd’s candidacy offers a ray of hope for the country’s future, a future characterized by co-operation, inclusive solutions, and bipartisanship.

It goes without saying that the 2024 election will represent one of the most hard-fought and difficult campaigns in American history, but Hurd appears to be a qualified and experienced candidate that has the blend of skills and attributes required to lead the country through the challenges of the next four years.


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