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Marjorie Taylor Greene Criticizes Trump Indictment Calling it ‘Pure Communism’

Greene Predicts Trump’s Victory in 2024 Despite Ongoing Indictments


Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Republican from Georgia, strongly criticized the numerous federal and state indictments against former President Donald Trump, arguing that they represent a form of extreme political ideology.

She believes that the American people are more concerned with the urgent economic challenges currently afflicting the nation.

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Speaking on ‘Sunday Morning Futures’ alongside former senior Trump advisor Stephen Miller, Greene and Miller discussed the ongoing battle against the former president, initiated by the Justice Department and Democrat district attorneys.

Greene expressed her concern, stating that this agenda extends beyond individual states like Georgia, with forthcoming actions expected in Arizona and New York.

According to Greene, this concerted effort has a larger purpose, aiming to manipulate the justice system at both federal and state levels, ultimately influencing the outcome of the 2024 election.

However, she confidently asserts that the American people will not succumb to these tactics. Instead, they prioritize crucial issues such as rising gas and food prices, inflation, and national security.

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Greene emphasizes the longing for a return to the affordable gas prices experienced in Georgia back in November 2020 at $1.75 per gallon.

She highlights the challenges faced by single mothers who struggle to afford basic necessities for their children due to soaring costs. Moreover, Americans are demanding safer city streets, a secure border, and a departure from prolonged overseas military engagements that do not directly serve national interests.

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Greene contends that the current attempts to indict Donald Trump and obstruct his potential candidacy in the 2024 election are simply an orchestrated effort to undermine his widespread support.

She predicts that he will emerge victorious in the Republican primary and ultimately triumph in the general election. Greene’s focus on the economy resonates well with voters, as revealed by recent data from Pew Research, which identifies inflation as the top concern among Americans.

Additionally, a CBS poll underscores the significance of economic and security issues for Republicans, with reducing inflation, curbing violent crime, and addressing illegal immigration ranking at the forefront.

Ultimately, the Department of Justice’s attempts to levy multiple charges against Donald Trump will likely have little impact on most voters.

This indifference stems from the perception that the current administration, under the leadership of President Joe Biden, lacks competence. Consequently, a plethora of charges only helps strengthen Trump’s image as an outsider fighting against established norms, augmenting his dominance within the Republican Party.


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