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Trump’s Support Among Hispanic Voters Grows Larger than Ever Before

Former President Trump Gains Historic Hispanic Support in New Univision Poll


The political landscape is witnessing a noteworthy shift as former President Donald Trump garners support among Hispanic voters, according to a recent Univision poll. This survey, claimed to be the largest Hispanic bipartisan primary public polling of the 2024 election cycle so far, reveals an intriguing trend.

Among Hispanic Republicans, Trump stands at the forefront with an impressive 50% stating their intention to vote for him in the GOP primary. One cannot deny the considerable influence he maintains within this demographic.

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Following closely behind is Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, commanding 12% of the support, while pharmaceutical businessman Vivek Ramaswamy trails at a respectable 9%.

What is remarkable is that Trump’s popularity among Hispanic voters remains strong, even in the face of four federal indictments. His support has actually increased by four points since leaving office, currently standing at an impressive 36% as per a previous Univision News poll.

These figures highlight the sustained appeal that Trump continues to hold among Hispanic voters throughout the country. The recent poll consisted of 1,400 registered voters, including 759 Republican respondents, making it a significant sample size in terms of Hispanic voters in this election cycle.

However, it’s important to note that if a hypothetical presidential election were held today between incumbent President Biden and Trump, the poll reveals a different outcome. While Biden secures 58% of the Hispanic vote, Trump enjoys support from 31% of respondents.

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Despite Trump’s popularity among Hispanic Republicans, the broader Hispanic voter base has not shifted dramatically towards the right. Pollsters have recognized that a majority of Hispanic voters, regardless of party affiliation, exhibit deep concerns about the economy but have confidence in the Democrats’ ability to address these issues effectively.

The concerns raised by Hispanic voters are substantial, with a focus on day-to-day expenses such as healthcare costs and housing prices. A significant portion of the electorate, 27% and 25% respectively, emphasizes these issues.

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Interestingly, the largest share of voters feels that neither party offers a satisfactory solution to the pressing economic concerns they face. This sentiment underscores the need for comprehensive and thoughtful economic policies that prioritize the needs of the Hispanic community.

In addition to economic issues, an increasing number of Hispanic voters are recognizing the significance of challenges related to mass shootings and gun control policies. The poll ranks these concerns as the second most important issues facing the nation.

Hence, political leaders should address the anxieties surrounding public safety and establish effective measures to prevent further tragedies. The pivotal role of protection and security in shaping the Hispanic electorate’s opinions is evident in the poll’s findings.

Border security remains an intricate issue for Hispanic voters, with opinions varying across party lines. Republicans hold a slight advantage, as 41% of respondents express trust in their ability to tackle the migrant crisis.

Democrats, on the other hand, secure the trust of 40% of voters. Nevertheless, it is encouraging to observe that both Hispanic Democrats and Republicans generally agree on the necessity of enhanced border security.

This shared concern emphasizes the importance of addressing immigration issues comprehensively, ensuring a safe and orderly process for those looking to enter the country.

Another poll, conducted by The Washington Post and ABC, sheds light on the current political landscape. The results reveal that if the 2024 presidential election occurred today, Trump would prevail over Biden by a significant margin of 52% to 42%.

The respondents’ perspective seems to favor Trump, as they express discontent with Biden’s handling of the economy, the U.S.-Mexico border, and concerns about his age. With an approval rating of only 37%, Biden faces a challenging road ahead, as 56% of respondents actively disapprove of his presidency.

In conclusion, the recent Univision poll provides a unique insight into the shifting dynamics of Hispanic voter preferences. While former President Donald Trump enjoys consistent support among Hispanic Republicans, the broader Hispanic electorate leans towards President Biden.

The concerns of this diverse community are varied but focus primarily on the economy, day-to-day expenses, and public safety. As we look towards the future, it is clear that political leaders must carefully address these concerns and provide viable solutions that resonate with the Hispanic electorate.

Failure to do so may result in missed opportunities for both parties to effectively engage with this important demographic.


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