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Fox News Cuts Feed on Trump’s SC Speech After Trump Rips Into them

Former President Trump Criticizes Fox News at South Carolina Speech


The relationship between Fox News and former President Donald Trump seems to have hit a rough patch, with the network cutting away from one of his live speeches. On Monday, Trump addressed the crowd in South Carolina and showed support for Tucker Carlson, the former top host on Fox News.

However, when Trump criticized the network for his appearance on Carlson’s show, Fox promptly cut away. It is evident that tensions between Fox News and the former president have escalated.

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During his speech, Trump proudly highlighted his growing lead over other Republican presidential contenders in national polls. He emphasized that while his popularity soared, the others were experiencing a decline.

Trump also touched on the upcoming GOP debates hosted by Fox News, revealing that he did not plan on attending either one. He criticized the debates as a waste of time, claiming that nobody was watching. This statement was met with applause from the supportive crowd.

In response to Trump’s remarks, Fox News host Martha MacCallum interjected, smoothly transitioning to discuss the campaign season and the upcoming Iowa primaries. She acknowledged Trump’s presence in South Carolina, emphasizing how it aligns with his active involvement in the political scene.

Fox News had hoped to achieve record-breaking viewership for the first 2024 Republican primary debate, even though Trump opted for an interview with Tucker Carlson. However, the network fell short of their expectations, drawing in approximately 12.8 million viewers according to Nielsen ratings.

This number represented a significant decrease compared to the over 24 million people who tuned in to watch the first GOP primary debate in August 2015, during which Trump made his memorable appearance.

A similar decline in viewership was witnessed during the 2016 Republican primary debate hosted by Fox News, which Trump also chose to skip. Despite his absence, the debate still attracted around 12.5 million viewers.

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Trump’s decision to boycott the debates stems from various factors, including his substantial lead over other GOP rivals in the polls and his disappointment with Fox News, a network that has been openly critical of him.

Fox News executives made attempts to entice Trump to participate in the debate, but their efforts were in vain.

As a response to his refusal, the network made a move that many deemed petty. According to a leaked network memo, Fox executives announced that surrogates for non-participating candidates would not be allowed in the debate spin room. This decision effectively barred advocates for the former president from having a presence in the event.

The relationship between Donald Trump and Fox News has been a complex one, with its ups and downs. While Trump has enjoyed extensive coverage and support from the network throughout his political career, recent events indicate a fractured bond that may be difficult to repair.

The decision to cut away from his live speech, combined with dwindling viewership for the network’s debates, highlights the strain between Fox News and the former president.

Critics argue that Fox’s actions reflect a growing independence from Trump’s influence, as the network seeks to appeal to a broader audience. However, supporters of the former president perceive it differently, considering it as a continuation of the network’s apparent bias against Trump.

These events have further solidified the divide between the two, showcasing Trump’s separation from the network that once thrived on his political persona.

Despite the rocky relationship, this development may not come as a surprise to astute observers of the political landscape. Trump’s unconventional approach and public clashes, including his ongoing feud with Fox News, have become defining aspects of his presidency.

The former president’s ability to captivate supporters and generate public interest regardless of media coverage has been a remarkable characteristic of his political tenure.

Moving forward, it remains to be seen how this fractured relationship will evolve. Both Trump and Fox News have a history of surprising the public.

Trump’s unpredictability and Fox’s ability to adapt to changing circumstances make it difficult to predict whether a future reconciliation is on the horizon. As political dynamics continue to evolve, the interactions between Trump and Fox News will undoubtedly be a topic of interest for many Americans.

The separate paths forged by Donald Trump and Fox News mark a significant shift in the media landscape. With the former president’s dominant presence in conservative politics, the network’s decision to distance itself from Trump carries substantial implications.

As the political landscape undergoes transformations, it is becoming apparent that new alliances and power dynamics are emerging within the conservative ecosystem.

The departure of Trump from the network’s programming and the decline in viewership suggest a recalibration in the Republican media landscape. With the emergence of alternative news sources and the rise of social media platforms as key influencers, the influence of traditional media outlets like Fox News is being tested.

As the 2024 election looms, political parties and candidates will undoubtedly need to navigate this shifting media environment to shape public opinion and secure electoral success.

In conclusion, the relationship between former President Donald Trump and Fox News has reached a critical juncture. The network’s decision to cut away from his speech, combined with declining viewership, signals a significant shift in their dynamics.

While some speculate an eventual reconciliation, it remains uncertain whether such an outcome is feasible. As politics and media continue to evolve, the interactions between Trump and Fox News will serve as a compelling narrative within the broader political landscape.

The fallout between Donald Trump and Fox News represents a momentous event in conservative political media. With each side pursuing a distinct path, the consequences of this shift will reverberate beyond their immediate sphere. As new players and platforms emerge, the landscape of conservative media is being reshaped, ushering in a new era that demands attention and analysis.

The story of Fox News and Donald Trump is one of mutual influence and subsequent tension. The network played a vital role in boosting Trump’s political career, and in turn, Trump brought significant ratings and public interest to the network.

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However, recent events have strained their relationship, raising questions about the future of both parties. The coming years will undoubtedly bring further twists and turns as the political and media landscapes continue to evolve.

The evolving relationship between Donald Trump and Fox News serves as a reflection of the broader transformation occurring within modern conservative media. As traditional media outlets strive to adapt to an increasingly fragmented and polarized audience, political figures such as Trump seek out new platforms and communication channels to reach their supporters.

This changing dynamic has far-reaching implications for the future of both conservative media and American politics.

The rift between Fox News and former President Donald Trump signifies a turning point in the landscape of conservative media. As the dominant force in right-wing news, Fox News has long shaped conservative discourse, while Trump’s political rise has demonstrated the power of new media platforms.

This recent clash highlights the tension between established outlets and emerging voices, setting the stage for a broader reconfiguration of conservative media in the years to come.


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