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Former Navy Seal and Republican Candidate Tim Sheehy Criticizes Biden’s Handling of Afghanistan Withdrawal

GOP Candidate Raises Concerns About $6 Billion Prisoner Exchange with Iran


Former Navy Seal Tim Sheehy, the Republican candidate aiming to replace Democrat Sen. Jon Tester in Montana, expressed his concerns regarding President Biden’s foreign policy approach following the Afghanistan withdrawal, Iranian prisoner swap, and perceived shift in military focus.

Sheehy, in an exclusive interview with Fox News Digital, lamented the military’s current trajectory under Biden, stating, ‘We’re encouraging our generals and admirals to prioritize social issues over combat readiness. Our primary focus should be on restoring the military’s combat lethality.’

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Biden recently authorized a $6 billion prisoner exchange with Iran, resulting in the release of five American prisoners.

This decision raised opposition from several members of Congress, including Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., who argued that it effectively placed a ‘$1.2-billion bounty on the head of every American hostage.’

Echoing these concerns, Sheehy joined the chorus of disapproval against the administration’s move.

The GOP candidate maintains a highly critical stance on Biden’s foreign policy decisions, particularly due to what he perceives as a ‘lack of accountability’ following the fatal Afghanistan withdrawal, which claimed the lives of 13 U.S. service members.

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Sheehy’s dissatisfaction with these developments has led him to question the administration’s priorities.

In recent years, the military has engaged in various social initiatives, such as allocating federal funds for gender reassignment surgeries for transgender veterans and providing free abortions for service members.

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In response to this shift, Sheehy offers a ‘simple’ solution to refocus the military’s purpose, saying, ‘The United States military has a straightforward objective: to engage and eliminate the enemy.

Our forces exist to advance American interests through military action when necessary.’

As a decorated Purple Heart recipient, Sheehy emphasizes the need to ensure that the military’s mission aligns with their resources and priorities, warning that diverting attention from combat readiness in favor of social experimentation poses significant risks.

While Sheehy’s criticism of Biden’s foreign policy stance is evident, the White House, NSC, and State Department declined to provide immediate comment on his remarks when contacted by Fox News Digital.


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