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Former MMA Star Paige VanZant Makes More On OnlyFans Than Fighting

OnlyFans Income Tops Earnings from MMA Career

Mixed Martial Arts starlet, Paige VanZant, revealed that her OnlyFans account generated more income in a single day than she amassed in her entire fighting career. After solidifying her name in the MMA world for six years, VanZant, at the age of 29, turned to OnlyFans in 2020. She brands herself as the ‘queen of OnlyFans’, inviting fans to access her photo content for a monthly charge of $9.99.

Appearing on the podcast ‘Only Stans’, hosted by Barstools Sports’ Glenny Balls, VanZant opened up about how the financial gains she’s experienced through posting provocative photos on the platform have been game-changing.

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She states, ‘OnlyFans has certainly become my greatest income source’. She further eludes that the amount she raked in during her first 24 hours on the platform surpassed earnings from her entire history in the MMA.

VanZant used this opportunity to discuss the cultural taboo around OnlyFans. She highlighted that her follower base is predominantly male due to her background in fighting. She declared ‘Even outside the world of UFC and beyond my fighting career, I have found considerable success’.

Having established herself in various other sectors and crossing over into the mainstream spotlight was no easy feat, she explained. Social media channels played a considerable role in this transition, especially when her followers would often request more personal photographs. Realizing she could monetize these demands, OnlyFans became an attractive platform, which in turn, has resulted in her making ‘life-changing money’.

Embracing the transition, VanZant unapologetically noted, ‘If people decide against employing me because I am on OnlyFans, I really don’t mind’. Initially, her content was fairly mild or ‘PG’, as she described it. However, as she navigated the space more, she gradually began posting more explicit or ‘X-rated’ content.

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The topic of earnings potential from OnlyFans continues to stir debates. Advocates argue that it’s a platform that allows women to take ownership of their content creation and monetize it as they see fit. However, critics maintain that the explicit nature of the platform underpins a degrading or taboo model.

Particularly, educators in the United States and Canada have, under various circumstances, lost their teaching positions due to explicit content being posted on their OnlyFans accounts. Quite surprisingly, several reported that earnings from OnlyFans exceeded what they made from their regular teaching jobs.

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Recently, a high school teacher in Missouri found herself on an enforced leave following the discovery of her OnlyFans account by district officials. The educator told local media outlets that her OnlyFans account brought in an additional $8,000 every month over and above her annual teaching pay of $42,000.


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