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Marine Veteran Faces Manslaughter Charge in NYC Subway Choking Incident

Former Marine in Controversial NYC Subway Choking Case Turns Himself In


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Former Marine Daniel Penny recently surrendered to authorities in Lower Manhattan to address a manslaughter allegation in connection to the fatal choking of a disturbed homeless individual on a New York City subway. Upon arrival, Penny emerged from a black Cadillac Escalade dressed in a dark suit, accompanied by his legal representatives, Thomas Kenniff and Steven Kaiser. The 24-year-old college student is accused of placing Jordan Neely, 30, into a chokehold during a skirmish on a northbound train on May 1st. Despite the altercation, NYC Mayor Eric Adams maintains that ‘Jordan Neely did not deserve to die.’

Reports indicate that Daniel Penny, a Marine veteran, was involved in an incident where he fatally choked Jordan Neely on a NYC subway following an episode in which the homeless man began yelling at passengers. An independent journalist who managed to capture the encounter on video asserts that Neely, who suffered from mental illness, behaved aggressively and loudly directed his anger at individuals in the subway car. As a result of this confrontation, Penny will now face Manhattan Criminal Court and will be arraigned on a single count of second-degree manslaughter.

Given the nature of the case, it’s anticipated that prosecutors will request a substantial bail amount, according to an ox News Digital source. As freelance journalist Alberto Vazquez recounted to The New York Post, Neely began his tirade by ‘screaming in an aggressive manner.’ He went on to complain about his lack of food, drink, and exhaustion while claiming he did not care about potentially landing in jail. In a dramatic display, Neely removed his black jacket and hurled it onto the ground.

Eyewitness footage reveals the moment when Jordan Neely was forcibly restrained in a chokehold on the NYC subway. Penny approached Neely from behind, brought him down to the ground, and applied a chokehold until Neely lost consciousness and subsequently passed away. The medical examiner for the city has determined that the cause of death was a homicide resulting from neck compression.

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The graphic video of this fatal encounter has ignited a wave of protests and calls for legal action against Penny. However, Penny’s lawyer Thomas Kenniff insists that his client was justified in his actions, claiming that he acted in self-defense for the benefit of both himself and his fellow New Yorkers. It’s worth noting that Neely was well-known to city outreach workers and was even included in the Department of Homeless Services’ ‘Top 50’ list – a registry of individuals most in need of assistance, as reported by the New York Post.

A review of Neely’s history exposes a pattern of violent assaults on subway riders, such as an incident in 2021 when he struck a 67-year-old woman in the face, breaking her nose and orbital bone. Nonetheless, Mayor Eric Adams expressed his sympathy for Neely at a press conference on Thursday, reiterating that ‘Jordan Neely did not deserve to die.’

The unfolding events surrounding Daniel Penny, a Marine veteran and college student, have captured the attention of conservative audiences who value self-defense and protection of personal freedom. Penny’s decision to turn himself in demonstrates his willingness to face the legal process in pursuit of justice.

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As Penny left the black Escalade and entered the police station with his attorneys, many conservative onlookers likely sympathized with what could be considered an attempt to defend one’s self and others when faced with potential danger. The situation on the subway provoked Penny’s response, as Neely’s erratic behavior and aggressive demeanor made other passengers feel threatened.

Despite the severity of the charges, Penny’s supporters argue that he faced a difficult decision in the intense situation on that subway car. Given Neely’s violent past and recent emotional outburst, Penny’s actions may be viewed as a necessary measure by some to protect himself and others in the subway from potential harm.

The debate also extends to the issue of mental health and addressing the needs of those suffering from mental illness. Neely’s placement on the city’s ‘Top 50′ list highlights the urgent need for intervention and assistance, which could have potentially averted such a tragic outcome.

While the video documenting the incident has fueled protests and calls for charges against Penny, others believe that it shows a man forced to make a difficult decision in a dangerous situation. The argument for self-defense relates to the conservative principle of individual responsibility for protecting oneself and one’s community in times of potential harm.

The case serves as a reminder of the complexities of homelessness and mental health, prompting discussions on how society should address these issues. Neely’s troubled past, along with his violence towards subway riders, paints a picture of a man in dire need of help – help that unfortunately didn’t come in time.

Mayor Eric Adams’ statement that ‘Jordan Neely did not deserve to die’ emphasizes the importance of compassion and understanding, even in the aftermath of tragic circumstances. This sentiment may resonate with conservatives who value human life and believe that every individual should have access to the support they need for personal redemption.

As Daniel Penny’s arraignment on second-degree manslaughter charges approaches, the conservative community closely watches these developments. To many, this case serves as a rallying point in discussions about self-defense, mental health, and social responsibility.

With all eyes on the Manhattan Criminal Court, the outcome of this case has the potential to shape opinions on personal safety and self-defense, as well as the importance of addressing homelessness and mental health. For conservatives and others alike, the tragic death of Jordan Neely offers an opportunity to reevaluate societal priorities and foster a healthier and safer community for everyone.


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