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Former Health Official that Worked Alongside Fauci Reveals Potential Covid Origin Theory

Could Lab Leak Theory Reveal the Truth Behind COVID-19?


One previous individual connected to the Health and Human Services Department, once influential in deflecting implications of the C-19 virus leaking from a laboratory, sat down with Sky News to share his thoughts on the pandemic’s potential root.

This official, Dr. Robert Kadlec, who served as the HHS Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response, discussed ways to manage the conversation around the lab leak theory along with Dr. Anthony Fauci, the prior Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

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In the upcoming Tuesday broadcast, Kadlec unveils speculation about a potential trail leading to the outbreak’s source. It involves a Chinese scientist, reputed for his military ties, who specialized in vaccine research on live organisms. Kadlec pointed to Zhou Yusen as possibly having a direct influence on the onset of COVID-19.

Details shared with Sky News reveal Yusen held a patent for a C-19 vaccine as early as February 2020. Within a short span afterwards, around May of the same year, the scientist unfortunately passed away. The suddenness and timing of Yusen’s demise sparked some curiosity, prompting speculation.

Kadlec didn’t hold back on such speculative possibilities during his interview. He pondered on whether Yusen’s untimely death was a consequence of provoking the global health crisis. He clarified, however, that these thoughts were hypothetical, not being backed by concrete evidence.

The ex-HHS Assistant Secretary also admitted to deliberately downplaying the lab leak theory. His reasoning? To encourage diplomatic synergy with China in battling the contagion. Kadlec’s approach underlined the imperfect but necessary politics of international cooperation during global crises.

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Additional revelations sprinkled throughout the interview bring other key figures into the story. Adrienne Keen, Director for Global Health Security at the National Intelligence Council, was notably involved, according to another conversation with Sky News by former Acting Assistant Secretary of State, Thomas DiNanno.

Keen, who has been serving as an independent consultant for the World Health Organization since 2016, reportedly upheld the zoonotic origin theory of COVID-19. Her role and activities sparked concern among some government officials, who perceived it could influence the narrative and undermine information contradicting this popular belief.

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DiNanno shared with Sky News his experiences of resistance from Keen, as he attempted to inform then-Secretary of State Mike Pompeo of an alternative explanation about the virus’s origins. He commented on Keen’s dual roles, questioning the appropriateness of someone working for both a domestic agency and a foreign entity like the WHO.

According to DiNanno, the World Health Organization, as a United Nations entity, essentially represents external interests. He found it problematic for someone to serve domestically while also advising such an international organization. This view brings into perspective the delicate nature of global interactions and potential conflicts of interest.

Responses from other quarters further complicate the unfolding narrative. The Office of the Director of National Intelligence put in their say through a spokesperson. In a statement, they assured their investigations into the origin of the C-19 virus adhered to all analytic and objectivity standards of the Intelligence Community.

The information supplied by the ODNI spokesperson to the Daily Caller News Foundation, insisted that their efforts in tracing back the virus origins maintained strict accordance with their guidelines. This statement served as assurance of their commitment to impartial investigations, undeterred by political currents or speculative theories.

Unquestionably, the probing into the origins of C-19 pools from multiple departments, contributing to a larger mosaic of international relations, health security, and intelligence complexities. Behind the scenes, these multifaceted investigations continue to unwind, facing challenges from various fronts.

Kadlec’s interview gives us a glimpse into the intricate web of discussions circulating around the origins of the pandemic. The varying degrees of potential truth in theories about the virus’s origins, coupled with the sensitive nature of global subjects like international cooperation and objective analysis, makes this topic not just a health concern but a reflection of current geopolitical dynamics.

Through all the speculation and investigative work, one persistent question remains: ‘Where did the COVID-19 virus truly emerge from?’ This question rests at the forefront of our collective concerns, despite being obscured by the swirl of speculation, deflective theories, and political maneuvers. As the scale of the crisis continues to unfold, the quest for truth remains as intricate, delicate, and politically charged as the world scrutinizing it.


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