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Former DeSantis Official: ‘Only Trump Can Save America’

Former DeSantis Campaigner Calls for United Support for Trump


There has been a surprising turn of events as a prominent figure in the ceased campaign of the noted Republican presidential aspirant, Ron DeSantis, has changed his loyalties and is now extolling the virtues of former President Donald Trump.

Steve Cortes, known previously as the spokesperson for the Never Back Down Super PAC linked to DeSantis, has made a complete about-face and is now in Trump’s corner for the 2024 presidential race. According to a report by One America News, Cortes recently expressed his fervent hope for Trump to reclaim the presidential seat in the upcoming election.

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Interesting as it is, Cortes’ public admiration of Trump is no newfound sentiment. He had served as an advisor to the Trump campaign during the presidential runs of both 2016 and 2020. However, in the aftermath of the 2020 electoral race, Cortes made a decision to part ways with the Trump administration. He attributed his departure to the alleged ‘vicious attacks’ made by the former president against his ex-colleagues. Stemming from this, he moved on to work with the Never Back Down Super PAC.

In May 2023, Cortes was all praise for the governor of Florida, declaring him the ‘most suited candidate’ to secure a victory in the election of 2024 and govern as a skillful and nationalist populist leader. His stint with the PAC was short-lived though, ending in October of the same year. The reasons behind his departure remained private for quite a while, with Cortes avoiding all discussion related to it.

However, a notable shift in stance was witnessed when an op-ed by Cortes for RealClearPolitics, boldly titled ‘Only Trump Can Save America,’ was published. Through the piece, Cortes voiced detour from his original belief that the Republic voters were all set to move forward to a new phase of the America First campaign beyond Trump. With Trump’s significant performance in Iowa bolstering his confidence, he admitted he had been mistaken.

Cortes’ writing emphasized Trump’s ability to effortlessly narrow down the competition and dominate over the remaining trio of candidates in Iowa, showing strong signs of his rising popularity and potential in the race for presidency. In addition to leading the public opinion polls elsewhere, Cortes argued that the time was ripe for uniting behind the distinctive choice of the GOP grassroots – none other than Donald John Trump himself.

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In stark terms, he called for rallying around Trump as he spearheads the struggle against the ruling elites and those conspiring to dismantle the traditional American lifestyle. Cortes appealed to all nationalist populists to join forces and pledged to devote his efforts towards advancing Trump’s cause, reminiscing his proud associations with Trump’s campaigns of 2016 and 2020.

Days before the New Hampshire primary was set to commence, DeSantis exhibited his support for Trump, stepping down from the Republican presidential race. Never missing an opportunity to utilize his social media influence on X (formerly known as Twitter), DeSantis made his endorsement public, adding that he believed a majority of the Republican primary voters were inclined to provide Trump with another opportunity to prove his worthiness.

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According to DeSantis, the public was viewing Trump’s previously blocked presidency with empathy, recognizing the ceaseless obstruction he had faced and observing the continuing legal attacks he was subjected to from the Democrats. DeSantis confirmed he would uphold the pledge he had signed to support the Republican nominee.

He expressed regret, acknowledging that his campaign was not capable of producing the desired outcome despite all possible efforts. For DeSantis, his commitment implied the responsible decision to suspend his campaign when the path to victory was unclear. He also expressed his admiration and belief in the potential of the people rallying behind Trump.

Reacting to DeSantis’ announcement, Trump gratefully accepted the endorsement and announced his readiness to join forces with him in an attempt to triumph over Joe Biden. ‘I am deeply honored to receive his endorsement,’ Trump stated in his remarks to Fox News Digital. He presented a strong front, expressing zeal in working alongside DeSantis to defeat what he termed as ‘the most corrupt president in the history of our country’.

While reclaiming his stronghold in Republican politics, Trump also conveyed that he won’t continue designating DeSantis with the nickname of ‘Ron DeSanctimonious’, a dig he used quite frequently during his campaign. He confirmed to Fox News that he was officially retiring the sobriquet, indicating possible camaraderie between the two mainstream Republican figures.

Trump’s position as the leading contender in the race for the presidency was reaffirmed after he succeeded in winning the Iowa caucuses on the 15th of January. This momentum carried over to the following week, as Trump managed to secure a victory in the New Hampshire primary. This sequence of victories helped establish Trump as the undeniable frontrunner in the unfolding political scenario.

With the landscape of the race shifting and Trump’s strong presence once again marked in Republican politics, there are more twists and turns anticipated along the way. The endorsement from DeSantis, and his subsequent withdrawal from the race, can undoubtedly be seen as a possible cornerstone event in the upcoming elections.

The claims by Cortes, a former campaigner for DeSantis, can be considered a powerful testament to Trump’s unwavering popularity and a compelling promotion of his political visions. As the 2024 Presidential race evolves, it will be intriguing to see how these changing dynamics affect the Republican positions and overall political landscape.

While the upcoming election brings uncertainty still, there’s undeniable excitement in the air as the contenders prepare for one of the most consequential political events in the nation. As much as the scenario can change with each passing day, the steely resolve of these politically-charged figures in battling for what they believe is best for America is evident.

There’s much to anticipate as we move closer to the 2024 Presidential Elections. This account serves as a reminder of not just the changing loyalties and variable dynamics in politics, but also the resilience of the American political system, capable of absorbing shifts in stance, public opinion, and political allegiance.

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