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Former Defense Official Claims U.S. Possesses Non-Human Technology

Lawmakers Unite to Address UFOs and Potential Threats to the United States


Three former defense officials provided compelling testimony during a House hearing about unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAPs). Their warnings highlighted the potential national security risks associated with these sightings.

Additionally, they emphasized the government’s excessive secrecy in acknowledging such incidents. As a result, lawmakers called for increased transparency from the intelligence community. All three witnesses even acknowledged that these UAPs could be gathering reconnaissance information or assessing the capabilities of the United States.

This hearing succeeded in uniting lawmakers on a topic that politicians have traditionally dismissed, fearing public ridicule and potential ties to adversaries’ military technologies.

Lawmakers expressed concerns that the sightings of UAPs, also known as UFOs, may be connected to classified military advancements unbeknownst to the American public. The Pentagon’s limited information on UAPs was only revealed in a 2021 report, documenting over 140 inexplicable encounters.

Videos released by the Defense Department have also showcased unexplained phenomena, such as the renowned “Tic Tac” video taken in November 2004 during a training mission near the southern California coast alongside the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz.

These encounters involved Navy ships and planes tracking an oval-shaped flying object resembling a Tic Tac breath mint. Former Navy pilot David Fravor, who filmed the video, testified that the object’s capabilities surpassed anything known to exist or be developed within the next decade.

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Remarkably, this incident was never investigated, and none of Fravor’s crew members were questioned.

Another witness, Grave, attested that UAPs were not rare or isolated phenomena. Sighting of these objects occurred regularly off the Atlantic coast, spanning several years. He explained that Navy operations worldwide detected UAP objects in areas where they conducted their activities.

Military aircrews and commercial pilots also reported seeing these unexplained aerial anomalies. However, the most astonishing revelations came from David Grusch, a former member of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency.

Grusch maintained that the U.S. government possesses non-human technology and is engaged in a long-standing program attempting to reverse engineer these objects. He claimed to have detailed knowledge about the locations of these materials, although he was reluctant to share specific information publicly due to potential repercussions.

Both Democrats and Republicans recognize the significance of these incidents regarding U.S. national security. Representative Andy Ogles of Tennessee affirmed the threat to the country’s security and emphasized the congressional responsibility to oversee and respond to these activities.

Representative Anna Paulina Luna of Florida announced that a bipartisan group of legislators plans to hold a closed meeting with the witnesses within a sensitive compartmented information facility (SCIF) to discuss confidential information.

Representative Tim Burchett of Tennessee stated that this hearing is only the beginning of a series focusing on the government’s handling of UAP-related information, emphasizing the importance of government transparency. He anticipated more individuals coming forward to share their information in the future.

In conclusion, the testimony from the three former defense officials shed light on the potential national security risks associated with UAP sightings. Lawmakers expressed concerns about possible connections to classified technologies and the need for greater transparency from the government.

The Pentagon’s limited disclosure of information in its 2021 report, along with videos showcasing unexplained encounters, reaffirmed the validity of these concerns. Former Navy pilot David Fravor’s testimony regarding the superior capabilities of the Tic Tac-like object, as well as the frequent sightings reported by Grave, further underscored the significance of these sightings.

However, the most remarkable revelations came from David Grusch, who testified about a hidden government program and suggested the possession of non-human technology. This hearing marks the start of future examination and bipartisan action surrounding UAPs and government transparency in handling this sensitive information.


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