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Former Biden Business Partner Unsuccessfully Attempts to Testify Before Grand Jury

Grassley Presents Evidence of Potential Criminal Conduct by Hunter and James Biden


The former business partner of Hunter Biden, who has said the infamous ‘big guy’ email is a reference to President Joe Biden, was never approached by prosecutors to testify before the federal grand jury in Delaware.

Tony Bobulinski, a former Navy veteran and business partner of Hunter and James Biden, attempted to reach out to U.S. Attorney David Weiss multiple times through his lawyer to offer his willingness to speak to the grand jury. Surprisingly, Weiss did not respond to their attempts or extend an invitation.

This troubling revelation, initially reported by CBS News, further echoes the concerns raised by IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley, who indicated that federal prosecutors impeded the investigation into Joe Biden’s potential connections to Chinese business ventures involving Hunter and James Biden.

During a recorded conversation in Arkansas, an FBI agent and Rob Walker, a business associate of Hunter Biden, discussed Joe Biden’s presence at a meeting related to their efforts in deal-making with a Chinese energy conglomerate.


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Walker recounted an instance at the Four Seasons where Joe Biden briefly visited and exchanged pleasantries with everyone present. The FBI agent then inquired if Hunter Biden orchestrated this visit to enhance the prospects of striking a lucrative deal. Walker agreed, providing a clear indication of Joe Biden’s involvement at this meeting.

These revelations further corroborate the claims made by Tony Bobulinski, who collaborated with Hunter Biden to establish the SinoHawk business venture, only to witness millions of dollars diverted to accounts linked to Hunter Biden.

The ‘big guy’ email, which surfaced in October 2020, shed light on a business arrangement between Hunter Biden and a Chinese company. The email explicitly mentioned ’10 held by [Hunter Biden] for the big guy.’

This email, dated May 13, 2017, and sent by businessman James Gilliar to Hunter Biden and others, outlined expectations and compensation packages for the potential deal. It specified that Hunter would receive $850,000 and hold the position of Chair/Vice Chair, depending on the agreement with CEFC.

The email also disclosed that 20% of the equity would go to Hunter, while 10% would be allocated to James Biden. Tony Bobulinski was among the recipients of this email and publicly stated that ‘the big guy’ referred to Joe Biden, as he had witnessed Hunter Biden consistently seeking his approval and advice for various business ventures.

Bobulinski emphasized that Joe Biden’s denial of involvement in Hunter Biden’s business does not align with the reality witnessed by Bobulinski himself. Bobulinski refuted Joe Biden’s claim that he never discussed these matters with his son, as he had personally observed their collaboration to build a business that relied heavily on the Biden family name.

By leveraging their family legacy, the Bidens aimed to establish lucrative deals, fully aware of the influence and opportunities that came with the Biden name. In response, Joe Biden’s spokesperson, Andrew Bates, maintained that the President has never held stock in such business arrangements, nor has any family member done so on his behalf.

CEFC, a now-defunct Chinese company founded by Ye Jianming, emerged as a central player in the Biden family’s endeavors. Hunter and James Biden sought numerous business deals with CEFC, resulting in substantial monetary gains.

However, concerns have been raised regarding the potential burying of crucial information by Thibault, an individual involved in the investigation. Senator Chuck Grassley shared with Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI Director Christopher Wray the significant evidence of potential criminal conduct by Hunter Biden and James Biden.

Grassley highlighted their assistance to foreign nationals connected to the communist Chinese government during Joe Biden’s Vice Presidency, which remained unpaid at the time. Following Joe Biden’s departure from office, Hunter and James Biden engaged with CEFC and its affiliates to receive financial compensation for their past work and the benefits they brought to the company.

Grassley further outlined the joint venture established by Hunter Biden, James Biden, and their associates to facilitate this financial compensation.

A meeting in Miami between Hunter Biden and CEFC officials in February 2017 marked the beginning of the arrangement. In floor speeches and financial reports, Grassley unveiled that CEFC Infrastructure Investment wired $5 million to Hudson West III’s accounts in August 2017.

From there, the money was transferred to Hunter Biden’s firm, Owasco, and James Biden’s firm, Lion Hall Group, in 2017 and 2018.

The swift signing of an agreement with a Chinese Communist Party-linked company, which followed Hunter Biden’s threatening messages mentioning ‘my father,’ led to millions of dollars flowing into Biden family accounts. These newly released messages provide crucial context to previous findings of foreign bank transactions involving Hunter Biden.

It is important to note that Joe Biden denied being present in the room when the threatening message was sent by Hunter Biden.

However, the subsequent influx of Chinese payments totaling approximately $5 million in 2017 and 2018 to Hunter Biden and his affiliated businesses aligns with the timeline of these events.

These findings were uncovered during a Senate report investigation in 2020. Recently, Hunter Biden reached a plea deal on federal charges related to tax crimes and the illegal purchase of a handgun, revealing the ongoing scrutiny surrounding his actions.

The revelations made by an IRS whistleblower shed light on the politicization and slow progress of the Justice Department’s investigation, including allegations of special counsel status being sought and multiple filing attempts in different locations, which were repeatedly denied.

The information presented here illuminates the connections between Hunter Biden’s business dealings, James Biden’s involvement, and potential involvement by Joe Biden himself. The willingness of Tony Bobulinski to testify before the grand jury highlights the wealth of evidence pointing towards a significant web of financial arrangements and business pursuits.

As these revelations emerge, it becomes increasingly challenging to dismiss the concerns raised about the Biden family’s ties to Chinese entities and the potential conflicts of interest that may exist.

While the investigation continues, it is clear that the scrutiny surrounding Hunter Biden’s actions and the alleged involvement of his father in lucrative business deals remains a topic of great import. For the conservative demographic, it is imperative to ensure that our leaders are held to the highest ethical standards and that any potential conflicts of interest are fully examined.

The unfolding events only reinforce the necessity for comprehensive investigations and transparency in order to maintain public trust and accountability in our government officials.

The revelations regarding Tony Bobulinski and his unsuccessful attempts to testify before the grand jury shed further light on potential improprieties surrounding the Biden family’s business pursuits. As concerns arise about the alleged involvement of Joe Biden, it is essential that the facts are thoroughly examined.

The reported conversations between Hunter Biden’s associate and an FBI agent, along with the ‘big guy’ email, provide additional evidence supporting claims of Joe Biden’s influence and interest in these business ventures. These details should not be dismissed lightly but subjected to rigorous investigation and analysis to determine their veracity and implications.

While some may argue against the significance of these revelations, it is crucial to consider the implications they may have for our nation’s governance. Public trust in our elected officials is of paramount importance, and any perception of impropriety must be addressed.

The concerns raised surrounding Hunter Biden’s business dealings and Joe Biden’s alleged involvement are not merely political fodder but a legitimate cause for scrutiny and investigation. The conservative demographic, guided by a commitment to accountability and transparency, demands a thorough examination of these matters to ensure the integrity of our democratic processes remains intact.

The revelations surrounding the business dealings of the Biden family with Chinese entities have ignited discourse and warranted closer examination of their potential implications. The reported attempts to seek special treatment and filing attempts in different locations raise valid concerns about the politicization of the investigation.

As the public digests these revelations, it is crucial to distance ourselves from partisan biases and approach the matter with objectivity and a commitment to the truth. Only through a comprehensive and unbiased investigation can we establish the veracity of these claims and address any conflicts of interest that may arise from them.

In conclusion, the allegations surrounding Hunter Biden’s business activities, the involvement of James Biden, and the potential involvement of Joe Biden himself require careful consideration. The evidence provided by Tony Bobulinski, the ‘big guy’ email, and the conversations between Hunter Biden’s associate and an FBI agent cannot be dismissed outright.

They demand a thorough investigation that transcends political affiliations and seeks the truth. The conservative demographic, long committed to upholding values of accountability and integrity, insists that these matters be examined with the utmost seriousness to maintain public trust and the integrity of our democratic processes.

As the public continues to examine and scrutinize the actions of the Biden family, it is crucial that the investigations remain impartial and free from political interference. The gravity of the allegations demands an objective pursuit of truth, untainted by partisan biases.

The narrative surrounding Hunter Biden’s business dealings and the potential involvement of Joe Biden must be subjected to rigorous analysis to ascertain the facts. This commitment to uncovering the truth is fundamental in upholding the principles of justice and integrity that underpin our conservative values.

While the allegations surrounding the Biden family’s business dealings are undoubtedly concerning, it is essential to approach the matter with due diligence and an unbiased perspective. The evidence provided by Tony Bobulinski and the ‘big guy’ email raises legitimate questions about the Biden family’s involvement in potentially lucrative business ventures.

However, it is crucial to conduct a comprehensive investigation that considers all aspects and evidence before drawing definitive conclusions. The conservative demographic recognizes the value of thorough examination and transparency in upholding the integrity of our democratic system.

The plethora of revelations surrounding Hunter Biden’s business ventures and the alleged involvement of Joe Biden necessitates careful examination to ascertain the truth. Tony Bobulinski’s willingness to testify and the documented conversations shed light on potential improprieties. However, it is critical that we proceed with caution and remain objective in our assessment.

The importance of fairness and integrity cannot be understated, particularly when it comes to matters that impact our government’s credibility and the public’s faith in our elected officials.

The ongoing investigation into Hunter Biden’s business dealings and the alleged involvement of Joe Biden requires a balanced and unbiased approach. The evidence provided by individuals like Tony Bobulinski and the ‘big guy’ email presents valid concerns that should be thoroughly scrutinized.

It is crucial that the investigation remains focused on establishing the truth and holding individuals accountable for any potential improper actions. The conservative demographic, driven by the values of integrity and justice, expects nothing less than a transparent and fair examination of these allegations.


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