Former Arizona Cardinals Players Make CBS Sports Top 100 NFL Players of 2023

The Arizona Cardinals have suffered significant losses in talent over the past few years, but the 2023 season under new general manager Monti Ossenfort was a bold new era for the team. Notable names such as DeAndre Hopkins, Zach Allen, Byron Murphy, and J.J. Watt have all left the organization, leaving behind only a handful of truly talented players. Despite this, there is still some promise on the roster for the Cardinals.

However, the question remains – do the Cardinals have any players that would make the cut for a top 100 list in the NFL? Most experts would argue that a healthy Budda Baker or Kyler Murray would be strong contenders, but unfortunately, neither player made the cut for CBS Sports’ Top 100 NFL Players of 2023. While both athletes received honorable mentions, not a single member of the Cardinals roster made the official list.

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Fortunately, several former Cardinals players did make the cut, including Pittsburgh Steelers CB Patrick Peterson, who ranked 92nd on the list. Despite his age, Peterson delivered a strong performance for the Vikings last season and has signed on to help the Steelers’ cover units this year.

Another former Cardinals athlete who made the cut is Jacksonville Jaguars WR Christian Kirk, who ranked 87th on the list. Kirk had an impressive first season with the Jaguars, with a team-high 84 catches and eight touchdowns. He’s particularly skilled in the middle of the field.

New Orleans Saints S Tyrann Mathieu is another former Cardinals athlete to make the list, coming in at number 81. After a mediocre 2021 season with the Chiefs, Mathieu bounced back last year during his first season with the Saints, earning high praise from analysts like Priscoe. Mathieu is widely regarded for his versatility and exceptional playmaking ability.

Finally, Philadelphia Eagles EDGE Haason Reddick ties for the 64th spot on CBS’ list with Myles Garrett. Reddick made a significant impact during his first season with the Eagles as a free agent, racking up 16 sacks and proving himself as a disruptor off the edge of the field.

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While it’s disappointing that no active members of the Arizona Cardinals roster made the official Top 100 list, it’s important to remember that several former players continue to make an impact across the NFL. As the team moves forward under new leadership, it’s possible that new stars will emerge to capture the attention and respect of sports fans nationwide.

Overall, the Cardinals face some tough challenges ahead, particularly as they rebuild following a series of significant talent losses. However, the strong performances of former team members like Peterson, Kirk, Mathieu, and Reddick prove that there’s still plenty of talent among former Cardinals rosters.

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Whether the team will be able to cultivate new talent and build a roster capable of competing at the highest levels of the NFL remains to be seen. Nonetheless, with a talented new GM at the helm and a promising young roster, the future looks bright for the Arizona Cardinals.

Monti Ossenfort’s entry into the team as general manager has marked a new beginning for the Arizona Cardinal. In the past few years, the team has lost some of its strongest players such as Hopkins, Allen, and Watt, among others. As a result, the team is currently amidst a rebuilding process.

Given these circumstances, many people are wondering whether the Cards have any player talented enough to make it to the top 100 list in the NFL. While healthy Baker and Murray are strong contenders, none of these players made it to the CBS Sports’ Top 100 NFL Players of 2023. The honorable mentions were awarded to both, though no player from the Arizona state made it to the list.

That said, the former Cardinals have made the cut in the list, which is noteworthy. The list features several former Cardinals, including Patrick Peterson at 92, Jacksonville Jaguars WR Christian Kirk at 87, New Orleans Saints S Tyrann Mathieu at 81, and Philadelphia Eagles EDGE Haason Reddick, tying with Myles Garrett at 64.

Although Peterson is getting up in years, he had an impressive performance for the Vikings, which also impressed the Steelers. Christian Kirk had his first season with the Jaguars, and he already had team-high 84 catches and eight touchdowns. People like Priscoe highly rate Tyrann Mathieu’s versatility and play-making skills, and he was back to his best during his first season with the Saints. Lastly, Haason Reddick proved that he can be a significant disrupter off the edge for his team.

Although it is saddening to see that no active Arizona Cardinals player made it to the Top 100 list, there is still hope for the team. With the newly acquired talents of Monti Ossenfort and the upcoming young stars, the team has the potential to reach the tops of the NFL.

As the Cardinals continue to rebuild their roster, reliability on the new stars should be a priority. It is not going to be easy, primarily now that the team has lost several talented players. However, as they rebuild, the team should focus on emerging talent that can help them compete and achieve greatness in the NFL.

It is worth noting that the former Cardinals made an impression on the league, showcasing the team’s past strength. Moving forward, it’s time for the new talents to take center stage and pave a new road to success for the Arizona Cardinals.

In conclusion, Arizona Cardinals lost considerable talent in the last few years, including famous names such as DeAndre Hopkins, Zach Allen, Byron Murphy, and J.J. Watt, among others. The fresh rebuild under new general manager Monti Ossenfort in 2023 was, in part, a warning of that fact. Despite still having talented players on the roster, they failed to make it to the Top 100 Players list by CBS Sports. Fortunately, former Cardinals athlete made that list.


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