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Former Aide for Jill Biden Unleashes Vehement Critique on Joe Biden

Biden in Hot Water: Ex-Spokesperson Critiques Administration

Michael LaRosa, who was previously employed as a spokesperson for the first lady, Dr. Jill Biden, launched a vehement critique against the administration of President Biden due to the current downward trend in his popularity ratings.

The one time press secretary for Dr. Jill Biden, and a figure known for his expertise in communications and political strategy, registered his discontent on a social media platform. His criticisms find genesis in the wake of a CNN survey that painted former President Donald Trump in rosier hues than Biden.

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LaRosa took to social media following the poll’s publication. The poll had shown Trump in a marginally better position than Biden in the eyes of the public. What added fuel to LaRosa’s ire was the notion that this situation was utterly avoidable, especially considering Biden’s long standing reputation for integrity and high character.

The poll triggered a string of posts by LaRosa, in which he delineated that it wasn’t the president himself who was to blame, but his team.

He elaborated that Biden had been rendered unsuitably defenseless against false narratives, deliberate misconceptions, and misleading information for such a significant duration that it allowed for unfounded judgments to fill the vacuum of facts. Much to LaRosa’s dismay, these smears tarnished the otherwise sterling image of Biden in the public’s mind.

LaRosa shifted the responsibility of changing things within Biden’s administration to Jill Biden. He referenced historical instances of the same team’s performance during earlier political races, noting their fourth-place finish in Iowa, fifth in New Hampshire, and second-place trailing to a socialist candidate in Nevada.

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The disgruntled former communications strategist put forth a call for action to revamp Biden’s team. LaRosa revealed he’s been asserting this key point for months at this point – the current approach to Republican criticism has consistently fallen short. His own posts and a succession of several polls only assert this point stronger, giving voice to his pleas for change.

Citing the poll statistics, LaRosa pointed out that Trump has a 38 percent favorable view compared to Biden’s 36 percent.

A striking 56 percent of respondents have an unfavorable opinion of Trump, but Biden’s unfavorable rating is even higher, standing at 59 percent. The poll also projected Trump winning over Biden by a slight margin if the 2024 elections were to be held today.

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Among potential voters, the poll suggested a four-point lead for Trump over Biden if the election happened now. When asked about these speculative figures, LaRosa contended that the problem wasn’t Biden himself, but the team around him, reinforcing his conviction that a major team overhaul would be beneficial.

However, LaRosa is not the lone voice lending criticism towards Biden’s administration. Several other media figures have voiced similar concerns.

When the matter of these critical posts reached a representative from the White House, the official commented, ‘Hope he’s okay’, a seemingly casual response to what some perceive as a serious concern.

LaRosa, in his reply to Fox News Digital, expressed that he understood the sensitivity of the administration towards criticism.

Yet, he emphasized that his sentiments were not standalone but echoed by several others with a significant platform, including prominent figures such as Joe Scarborough, Al Sharpton, Dan Kildee, Claire McCaskill, and Axelrod.

Despite numerous media personalities expressing supportive sentiments to LaRosa’s criticisms, the Biden campaign remained quiet on this. They were yet to respond to a request for comment from Fox News Digital at the time of this report’s preparation.

Yet again, this incident serves as a reminder of the tumultuous political climate in the country, where loyalty and regard for leaders remain as shifting as the sands. The focus, however, rests heavily on the Biden administration’s response or lack thereof to the concerns and criticisms raised by critics, allies, and the wider public.


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