Florida To Fine Businesses $5,000 For Vaccine Mandates

Florida will begin to fine schools, businesses, and government run agencies $5,000 if they require proof of vaccination for service.

The fines will start on September 16th and will apply to any institutions that do not comply with the ban of vaccine passports.

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WTAP, an NBC affiliate reported, At least 18 states led by Republican governors or legislatures prohibit the creation of so-called vaccine passports or ban public entities from demanding proof of vaccination. Several of those also bar most businesses from denying service to those who aren’t vaccinated.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, a Republican signed a bill earlier this year that banned vaccine passports in the state and has had an ongoing legal battle with Norwegian Cruise Lines, which wants to require passengers to show proof of vaccination.

During his battle with Norwegian Cruise Lines, the Governor claimed that requiring vaccination is “discriminatory.”

A federal judge ruled that Norwegian Cruise Lines will be able to remain vetting customers based on their status of vaccination, despite state law.

DeSantis is also fighting against mask mandates at school, and indicating that he will withhold state funding if such mandates exist.

While Florida holds out, New York City, New Orleans, and San Francisco have mandated vaccines for their residents to enter indoor public spaces.

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