Florida City Declares 1st Week of February ‘Donald J. Trump Week’

There has been some talk of dedicating a day to former President Donald Trump, but Frostproof FL has taken it a step further and given him an entire week to be remembered 

The first week of February will “Donald J Trump week” interestingly enough, this is also the same week that Washington DC Public School System has reserved for the “Black Lives Matter at School Week of Action”, and the first week of Black History Month. 

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“I don’t think it’s fair it’s turned into a race issue,” Claimed James Ring, a local Republican Party official, “I don’t think there was any ill intent on behalf of the City Council.”

“Former President Donald J. Trump was overwhelmingly supported, and received 76.43% of the votes in Frostproof, Fla., Precinct 537, won the state of Florida twice and received more votes than any incumbent in United States history,” The Mayor of the City proclaimed 

The mayor gave Trump praise for his efforts in job production, and foreign policy. His proclamation also made mention of the lack of war in Trumps term, and how he brought  troops home. 

Frostproof will be the first city to commemorate Donald Trump in this way, but it’s not without precedent and they likely will not be the last.  

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