Florida Abortion Clinic Shut Down For Endangering Patients

An abortion clinic in Florida was shut down Friday by the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration after allegedly failing to follow safety protocols.

The American Family Planning Abortion Clinic was shut down after an investigation following complaints from anti-abortion watchdog group Reprotection, reported The Daily Caller News Foundation.

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Complaints about the clinic include women with cervical lacerations, excessive blood loss, employees failing to meet requirements about monitoring patients’ vital signs, and a doctor that did not know what emergency protocols were in place.

Reprotection’s CEO, Missy Martinez-Stone, told TheDCNF that the group Emerald Coast Coalition for Life alerted Reprotection to alleged discrepancies at the clinic.

“Laws were passed for the protection of women and the abortion business completely disregarded it,” Martinez-Stone said.

According to one emergency order, the clinic stopped an abortion performed on a woman who was 19 weeks and six days pregnant because cervical lacerations and possible uterine rupture. The woman lost either 250 or 750 milliliters of blood, the number is unknown because of an illegible record.

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She was given seven doses of misoprostol, an abortion-inducing medication, and was left to wait in her car for a long time. Her vital signs were not monitored, according to the emergency order.

When she traveled to the hospital, she had an elevated heart rate, undetectable blood pressure and low oxygen levels.

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“Another woman was allegedly hospitalized after bleeding excessively during an abortion, and her medical records did not include any indication that her vitals had been monitored during the procedure,” reported the DCNF.

She needed an emergency surgery, intubation and blood transfusion. Doctors also ended up performing a total hysterectomy after trying to save the uterus.

“It must be pointed out that AHCA’s suspension is based on two, and only two, patients out of over 100,000 patients served,” said Julie Gallagher, the clinic’s attorney.

The clinic will reportedly appeal its suspension, according to NPR affiliate WUWF.


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