FireHouse Mourns Tragic Loss of Founding Member C.J. Snare

C.J. Snare, Frontman and Founder of FireHouse Rock Band, Dies Suddenly at 64

C.J. Snare, a well-known pillar in the world of rock music and founding member of the popular band FireHouse, sadly passed away last Friday. His unexpected demise, at the young age of 64, shook the rock and roll fraternity and his numerous fans globally. Snare was widely known for his unique voice and the energy he brought on and off the stage, and today marks a mournful day for the world of rock.

The news of Snare’s passing was promptly shared by his band, FireHouse. They took to social media on Sunday, April 7, 2024, to notify the world about the significant loss in their band family. The band highlighted Snare’s extraordinary dedication and contribution to FireHouse and his prominent role in carrying the band forward for over thirty years.

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FireHouse expressed their shock and sorrow regarding the untimely departure of CJ. His gifts as a performer were undisputed amongst his peers, and his influence on the Hard Rock scene spanned across a generation. Snare’s commitment to the band saw him tour non-stop for 34 years, spreading their music around the world and solidifying their place in Rock history.

The band extended their deepest sympathies to Snare’s family, including Katherine Little, his friends, and the legion of FireHouse fans across the globe. They reminded everyone to ‘Reach for the Sky’ in memory of their fallen brother. Snare’s legacy will continue in the hearts of his loved ones, fellow band members and numerous fans across the globe.

Although FireHouse did not comment on the cause of Snare’s passing, his daughter, Heather, revealed to the media that he had been battling cancer for some time now. Evidently, his warrior spirit kept him going in the fight, but in the end, a tragic cardiac arrest led to his untimely demise.

Katherine Little, Snare’s partner of eight years, shed more light on his health struggles. She shared that he had been diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer back in September 2020. Despite the daunting diagnosis, Snare had never lost his fighting spirit, which continued to inspire everyone around him.

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Katherine mentioned how CJ underwent a life-saving operation in 2021 that provided them more memories to cherish. His positivity and resilience during the most difficult times left an undeniable mark, making his loss even more profound for those who knew him intimately.

Last spring, challenges emerged again in Snare’s health and he had to undergo another surgery in October 2023. The surgery left him very weak, but it did not dampen Snare’s spirit nor tarnish the image his fans held of him; he continued to be the CJ they had all known and loved.

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In her heartfelt social media post, Katherine confessed her complete heartbreak and said she couldn’t put into words the profound loss she felt. She expressed her admiration for Snare’s strength, and optimistic spirit throughout his battle with the dreaded disease.

Perry Richardson, fellow FireHouse founding member and former bassist, also shared his grief over losing Snare. He credited Snare for being instrumental in his musical career and was immensely grateful for their long-lasting friendship. Richardson reached out asking for love and prayers for Snare’s family, Katherine Little, and all his friends.

FireHouse was set up in 1984 with Snare, Richardson, guitarist Bill Leverty, and drummer Michael Foster. The band lineup showcased an impressive coalition of musical talents, and their potential was identified by Epic Records, which signed them in 1989.

Their first self-titled album debuted in 1990 and left a remarkable impression on the music scene. It earned them double platinum status in the United States, selling over two million copies. It was just the beginning of many more triumphs to follow for this renowned rock band.

FireHouse thrived with successful singles such as ‘Don’t Treat Me Bad’ and ‘When I Look Into Your Eyes’. Their most successful hit, ‘Love of a Lifetime’, made it to No. 3 on Billboard’s Top 20 hits and sold more than half a million copies. A notable fact is that Snare’s unmistakable voice and his keyboard skills can be heard across all seven FireHouse albums.

C.J. Snare’s tremendous contribution to the rock scene, his charismatic persona, and his unwavering commitment to music, despite his personal battle with a grave illness, will be remembered by all. He is survived by his partner Katherine Little and his three children.

While the world of rock music mourns this loss, the impact C.J. Snare had on friends, family, bandmates, and fans is undeniably profound. His musical journey will continue to inspire, and his legacy will keep his memory alive in the heart of rock ‘n’ roll.

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