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Feinstein Cedes Power of Attorney to Daughter and Faces Questions About Ability as Elected Official

Should Senator Feinstein be Forced to Step Down from Office?


Senator Feinstein (D-CA), currently the most senior senator in office, is facing growing pressure to step down following revelations by The New York Times that she transferred power of attorney to her daughter, Katherine Feinstein.

Katherine is currently embroiled in a dispute with the three offspring of Senator Feinstein’s late spouse, Richard Blum, who passed away the previous year.

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The primary point of contention in one of the lawsuits is regarding a beach house in San Francisco that Senator Feinstein wishes to sell.

In another lawsuit, the debate centers around funds from Richard Blum’s life insurance policy.


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The recent developments have spurred numerous pundits to amplify their calls for Senator Feinstein’s resignation.

Earlier this year, the senator had to take a hiatus from her Senate responsibilities due to a shingles illness.

Given her pivotal role on the Senate Judiciary Committee, her absence posed challenges for the Democrats, particularly in the confirmation processes for some of President Biden’s judicial nominees who didn’t have Republican backing.

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Upon her return, there were moments that raised concerns. A notable interaction with Slate suggested she might not remember her period of absence.

In addition, there have been instances where she appeared somewhat disoriented or had difficulties grasping straightforward questions.

In a recent event at the Senate Appropriations Committee, Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) had to prompt her during a vote on a bill.

Katherine Feinstein, acting under the power of attorney, initiated both aforementioned lawsuits on behalf of her mother.

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She contends that the beach property is not in an acceptable condition and alleges that Mr. Blum’s children are impeding Senator Feinstein’s efforts to liquidate parts of her trust.

In the subsequent lawsuit, it’s emphasized that Senator Feinstein had “accrued considerable medical bills” and, despite her late husband’s clear intention to financially support her after his passing, alleged trustees have not released funds for these medical expenses.

The lawsuit also questions the legitimacy of the trustees assigned to Mr. Blum’s assets.

However, representatives for Mr. Blum’s business have countered these claims, highlighting that they have never withheld payment for any medical bills.

Moreover, they questioned the veracity of Katherine’s power of attorney status, pointing out the lack of formal documentation.

They also posed a significant question regarding the necessity of such an arrangement for a serving U.S. senator.


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