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FCC Commissioner Rips Biden for Suggesting the Administration Target Elon Musk 

Unequal Treatment of SpaceX: Carr Calls Out FCC’s Power


Brendan Carr, a Commissioner at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) under former President Donald Trump, voiced concerns in a Fox News interview about President Joe Biden’s encouragement of a bureaucracy dominated by Democrats to place the spotlight on entrepreneur Elon Musk.

Carr was critical of the FCC’s recent revocation of nearly $900 million that was previously promised to SpaceX, Musk’s private space agency. This discrepancy, according to Carr, is rooted in political persuasion.

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In the dialogue with Maria Bartiromo, Carr made clear his conviction that the reversal of this beneficial deal for rural America could not be justified.

The deal was intended to deliver broadband internet services to those in less accessible regions, implying that the government’s decision could be viewed as economically undermining the rural population. Carr’s contention is that the FCC’s decision was influenced by President Biden’s call for governance bodies to scrutinize Musk after his acquisition of Twitter in October 2022.

Brendan Carr laid out his concerns about the expansive power held by administrative entities in the capital, noting the Democratic sway on these organisations for almost 12 of the past 16 years. This political influence, Carr suggests, could be the force behind the FCC’s rejection of SpaceX’s previously granted award.

The FCC’s disapproval appears to be unsupported by the wider government actions, Carr argued. He highlighted the inconsistency presented by the fact that federal agencies are entering major contracts with Elon Musk’s Starlink, a satellite Internet constellation being constructed by SpaceX, for critical high-speed Internet access, specifically for vital military operations. This apparent contradiction led Carr to question the credibility of the FCC’s concerns about the technology.

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In this act of reversal, according to Carr, the commission didn’t provide any alternative companies to hold up to the set standards that were initially aimed for SpaceX’s program. This effectively leaves the mission without suitable replacements and Carr emphasized that those living in the rustic territories of America would bear the brunt of this decision.

Brendan Carr was candid in his assertion that, while Elon Musk himself would hardly be adversely affected by the loss of the $900 million fund – a mere drop in the ocean for the billionaire – it was the American people who were set to gain from enhanced high-speed services that would be the true losers. He voiced his disappointment, stating that a promise had been made to millions that their lives would improve, only to have it callously stripped away, leaving an unfulfilled commitment in its stead.

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Carr also discussed the FCC’s initial dismissal of Starlink’s award back in August 2022. According to him, it was rejected due to the agency’s inability to demonstrate sufficient capability to meet the program’s requirements. Nevertheless, SpaceX didn’t yield and insisted on a revision of this judgment.

Carr elaborated further on FCC’s persistence in reconfirming its initial refusal. He was outspoken about his disapprobation of the standard used to substantiate this decision, claiming it to be an unprecedented move. This aspect of the situation led Carr to express his concerns about the perceived inclination of the FCC to hold SpaceX to a higher and seemingly arbitrary bar.

The Commissioner underscored the fact that the three Democratic Commissioners at the FCC all backed the decision to rescind the award to SpaceX. On the other side, Carr along with his fellow Republican Commissioner, Nathan Simington, stood in opposition.

At the time of the interview, the White House had not yet provided any official comments in response to the concerns voiced by Brendan Carr regarding this decision. Meanwhile, the matters were rapidly garnering attention from wider public, media, and stakeholders alike.

This report originally came to light through The Daily Caller News Foundation and was reprinted with their permission. Carr’s concerns over the influential power of politics on governmental decisions and actions were among the notable issues that were underscored in this report.

Amid all of this controversy, Brendan Carr’s comments illustrate the ongoing ideological battles within the spheres of politics, economics, and technology. Political agendas may sometimes obscure the primary focus – the welfare of the American people. The people, particularly those in rural communities, deserve access to high-speed internet, and Carr argues that the revocation of the funding might jeopardize this.


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