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FBI Accused of Promoting Russian Disinformation in Hunter Biden Investigation

Chuck Grassley Questions FBI’s Intentions in Briefing on Hunter Biden


Senators Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson are raising serious concerns about a 2020 FBI briefing that took place while the senators were investigating Hunter Biden. The FBI claimed that their investigation into Hunter Biden was promoting Russian disinformation, despite the fact that the agency was investigating similar allegations.

Grassley referred to the briefing as ‘entirely unnecessary’ and accused the FBI of trying to undermine their oversight. He further questioned whether there was a broader effort by federal law enforcement to suppress any criticisms of the Biden family leading up to the 2020 election.

Grassley emphasized that the emerging timeline suggests that the FBI is not politically neutral, and he believes that the bureau must provide an explanation for its actions, which it has failed to do so far.

The investigation by Grassley and Johnson delved into Hunter Biden’s financial matters, specifically his involvement with Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma Holdings. It is important to note that the senators were finalizing their report in September 2020, around the same time they received the FBI briefing.


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On August 6, 2020, the FBI conducted a briefing for Grassley and Johnson on behalf of the intelligence community. The senators have repeatedly claimed that this briefing was a result of pressure from Democrats who sought to discredit their investigation.

According to the senators, FBI officials initiated a plan in August 2020 to downplay negative information related to Hunter Biden by labeling it as ‘disinformation’ in an attempt to halt the investigation. Additionally, whistleblowers have alleged that local FBI leadership instructed employees not to examine the Hunter Biden laptop immediately after it was obtained by the FBI.

However, it is important to note that the briefing occurred while the Justice Department’s federal investigation into Hunter Biden was already underway. By December 2019, the FBI had obtained the laptop and confirmed that the material on it was authentic and contained reliable evidence.

Senator Johnson finds the conflicting messages from the FBI concerning and highlights that the corruption within the Biden family extends beyond just them but poses a threat to the democratic system as a whole.

In their September 2020 report, Grassley and Johnson revealed that Obama administration officials were aware of the problematic nature of Hunter Biden’s position on the board of Burisma Holdings. They argued that it hindered the effective execution of policy regarding Ukraine.

Hunter Biden joined the board of Burisma in 2014 and reportedly helped the company fight corruption charges in Ukraine by linking it to consulting firm Blue Star Strategies. During this period, Joe Biden was serving as vice president and was responsible for U.S.-Ukraine relations and policy.

Furthermore, Grassley and Johnson’s report disclosed U.S. Treasury Department records that indicate potential criminal activity involving transactions between Hunter Biden, his associates, and individuals from Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, and China.

The senators also highlighted suspicious financial transactions where Hunter Biden allegedly sent significant sums of money to people associated with potential human trafficking, the adult entertainment industry, or even prostitution.

The House Oversight Committee is conducting its own investigation into the business dealings of the Biden family. This investigation has uncovered that the Biden family and their business associates established more than 20 companies and received over $10 million from foreign nationals during Joe Biden’s vice presidency.

Committee Chairman James Comer suggested that some of these payments may suggest attempts to influence peddling, and he accused the family of trying to conceal the source and amount of money received from foreign companies.

Despite these revelations, the White House continues to assert that President Biden was never involved in any business ventures with his son.

Recently, the Department of Justice announced that Hunter Biden will plead guilty to two misdemeanor counts of willful failure to pay federal income tax and one count of possessing a firearm while being an unlawful user of a controlled substance.


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