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Faulkner Exposes Biden’s Failure to Act on Border Crisis: ‘Worst Levels We’ve Ever Seen’

Alarming Surge in Illegal Immigration Under Biden

Broadcast journalist, Harris Faulkner from Fox News, recently addressed the escalating issue of unlawful immigration during an episode of ‘Outnumbered’, critiquing the apparent lack of concern from the Biden administration for rigorous border control. As Faulkner sparked off the discussion, she apprised her team and audience of New York Gov. Kathy Hochul’s decision to call upon the state’s National Guard.

This unexpected move is to deal with the massive influx of migrants in New York City and other regions across the state, which has garnered mixed reactions from both the Democratic and Republican parties.

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Faulkner made it clear that the current predicament in New York is not an isolated incident, but rather, it accurately mirrors what is happening regularly along the US-Mexico border. She highlighted the ongoing crisis in Eagle Pass, Texas, even showing a video clip of numerous migrants crossing the Rio Grande.

The Fox News host underscored that recorded events have captured instances of Border Patrol agents granting migrants unrestricted movement within the nation. Faulkner shrewdly pointed towards President Biden’s apparent lack of resolve in maintaining border security, despite the countless illegal crossings that have taken place since his inauguration.

Faulkner raised serious concerns about the thoroughness of the screening procedures for incoming migrants, considering that border patrolling staff are overwhelmed by the sheer numbers. Quick migrant-processing seems to be the hasty solution, but she argues that this strategy fails to deter illegal entry, which should be the principal law enforcement objective. Faulkner lamented the border fiasco, saying that the state at the US South border hasn’t ever been so desperate in recent times.

She imparted some alarming numbers, sharing that sources from Customs and Border Protection reported encountering over 11,000 migrants within a single day. This staggering figure marked the highest daily total in recent memory. ‘We have no inkling of their identities,’ she asserted, emphasizing the murky nature of uncontrolled immigration and the potential risk it harbors.

Showcasing more evidence of the escalating tumult, Faulkner presented an image of an injured Border Patrol officer who had suffered a brutal assault in the Rio Grande sector by a group of migrants. This incident highlights an unsettling pattern – with their crime of illegal crossing already under their belts, their next act was a heinous act of violence in their host country.

Faulkner revealed that the assailant was a notorious human trafficker, disparagingly labeled a ‘rat’ by violent drug cartels. The attack on the Border Patrol officer paints an alarming image of the current state of affairs. This incident merely scratches the surface of the precarious situation at our borders, especially when it’s extortionists and smugglers who are a part of this unchecked inflow.

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Revisiting her conversation with Texas’s Gov. Greg Abbott from late last year, Faulkner expressed her frustration over Biden’s apparent disregard for rigorous border control. Abbott had expounded in the interview about how his meeting with Biden, hosted in the notoriously unsecured El Paso sector, felt like a publicity stunt more than a genuine conversation.

Governor Abbott had taken issue with the administration’s relaxed approach to immigration: ‘Catch and release’ policies, lenient detention protocols, and unwillingness to turn back illegal entrants at the border were all compromising security. He maintained that these were actions within the present legal purview of the United States, but were being neglected. ‘Until the administration shows some initiative in these areas, all they’re putting on is a spectacle,’ stated Abbott, expressing disappointment at the moot efficacy of such discussions.

Faulkner echoed his sentiments, replying that it is deeply troubling and harmful for the nation when the known facts aren’t taken seriously by the administration. ‘It’s disheartening to think that very tangible solutions are overlooked, solutions which wouldn’t necessitate fresh legislation. The perplexing thing is that the question presents itself: why aren’t these changes being implemented?’

Continuing her critique, Faulkner held Biden and local El Paso Democrats accountable for allegedly relocating migrant encampments near the border in preparation for the visit of the president. Such actions did little more than sanitize the appearance of the migrant crisis, rather than engage in much-needed substantive solutions.

Faulkner was critical of the messaging surrounding the border crisis, a topic of heated debate for over two years. She openly questioned the cleanliness of El Paso during the presidential visit, remarking that it felt deliberately groomed for political shielding.

Falling short of concealing her exasperation, Faulkner pointed out the incongruity of the situation: ‘The most vulnerable regions continually shift, but as of now, El Paso, Texas stands as the weakest point for recurrent illegal crossings. Yet, during the presidential tour, not a single individual was visible at the intake facilities. There was no discernible evidence of fresh arrivals. How, then, was this eerie vacancy achieved, unless the streets were purposely sanitized in anticipation?’


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