Fauci EMAILS EXPOSED, Here they are!

And just like that, the sudden, resurgent interest in the origin of covid-19 makes a little more sense – a collective back-peddling.

A recent Freedom of Information Act request has put multiple thousands of pages worth of correspondence between “America’s Doctor” and various staffers, health officials, and other predominate names as far back as the 1st of February of last year. Many of the revelations found within these records have had many mainstream outlets scrambling to justify many of the claims made up until this point – one of which was the ongoing presumption that then-President Donald Trump was acting in order to censor Fauci. A claim flatly denies in a private message sent by Fauci.

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But the disconnects between what was reported nationally and what was discussed over email don’t end with that.

Other such topics discussed were, but not limited to, Fauci’s admittance that masks were functionally placebos. People in the United States and around the world were beaten over the head for a year straight that masks worked – so much so that they were a necessity and that many businesses could not even operate with guidelines mandating their use. Fauci knew this was a falsehood. Fauci allowed the pandemonium surrounding masks to persist, despite his earliest advice being to avoid their use – only later to entertain the idea of using two masks at once. Malpractice on a continental scale.

Additionally, one message, marked as being “urgent”, underlined a mathematical discrepancy in the case totals being reported in the epicenter of the pandemic. A fellow medical professional, seemingly true to their dedication to science and skepticism of official stories, had found that China had been either maliciously or erroneously documenting their covid-19 cases and deaths, and alerted Fauci. Fauci never even opened the message.

But one truly unsettling message can be found on page 3187 of the released documents: A correspondence between Fauci and one Kristian D. Anderson, an immunologist, from January 31st of last year. The line that stands out reads as follows –

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I should mention that after discussions earlier today, Eddie, Bob, Mike, and myself all find the genome inconsistent with expectations from evolutionary theory.”

Wider context provided suggested that the virus had some genetic sequences and that “some of the features (potentially) look engineered.” This email alone provides chilling insights into what was known about the virus and when. Enclosed as well as a link to an article by Science writer Jon Cohen, published that same day which explored covid-19’s structure.

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