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Far-Left Judge Implements Gag Order on Trump in Legal Battle

Judge Engoron Restrains Trump’s Public Discourse on Legal Personnel


In a recent legal development, Judge Arthur Engoron has issued a gag order aimed at limiting 45th President Donald Trump’s public discussion or posts related to the judge’s staff. According to Engoron, personal attacks on his court staff will not be tolerated in any circumstance.

This action was taken after President Trump made a post on his esteemed social media platform, Truth Social, highlighting the professional relationship between Judge Entoron’s principal law clerk and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

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The gag order coincides with Trump’s attendance at his ongoing ‘civil fraud trial’ initiated by New York Attorney General Letitia James, who is suing him for $250 million.

During this trial, Trump, joined by his legal team comprising Chris Kise and Alina Habba, appeared before a far-left Manhattan Supreme Court Justice named Arthur Engoron.

Engoron, infamous for his questionable ruling valuing Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate at a mere $18 million, has consistently favored the far-left agenda. In line with New York Attorney General Letitia James’ claims, Engoron found Trump, his family, and the Trump Organization liable for fraud.

Prior to entering the courtroom, Trump voiced his views to the press, asserting his innocence and criticizing the corrupted District Attorney and Attorney General, who he believes are conducting a witch hunt against him.

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“This has to do with election interference, plain and simple,” Trump declared, referring to the lawsuit. He continued, emphasizing that it was part of a larger witch hunt, which he considered the greatest of all time.

While defending himself, Trump highlighted the pressing issues faced by ordinary New Yorkers, claiming that people are being murdered on the sidewalks while this sham case is being pursued. Trump further criticized the Attorney General, stating that the entire legal process is orchestrated by a corrupt individual.

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As Trump faced the court proceedings, Attorney General Letitia James eerily maintained unwavering eye contact with him, hinting at the intensity of their legal battle.

Speaking to reporters, Letitia James expressed her determination to substantiate the additional claims she had made against Trump. She stressed the principle that no one, regardless of their power or wealth, is above the law. Upholding the law is her duty, she declared.

Trump, on the other hand, continued to raise his concerns on his social media platform, Truth Social, just as he arrived at the courthouse. In his post, he denounced the Attorney General as corrupt and racist, and described the judge as rogue and out of control.

He further criticized the judge for neglecting the appellate court decision that dismissed 80% of the alleged case against him.

The legal situation surrounding the 45th President is becoming increasingly contentious. Judge Arthur Engoron imposed a gag order, signaling his disapproval of personal attacks on his staff by Donald Trump. President Trump highlighted the connection between Judge Engoron’s principal law clerk and the influential Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer.

Coinciding with this development, Trump attended his ‘civil fraud trial’ against New York Attorney General Letitia James. With a far-left judge presiding over the case, who has demonstrated a clear bias against him, Trump argued that the lawsuit is a continuation of the largest witch hunt in history, emphasizing the dire state of public safety in New York City.

Attorney General Letitia James retaliated by stating that she will prove further claims against Trump. As the trial progresses, the tension between the two parties remains palpable, with Trump utilizing his social media platform, Truth Social, to voice his discontent with the judge and the Attorney General.


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