Fans Sue Madonna For Starting Her Concert Two Hours Late in NYC

Celebration Tour Nightmare: Madonna Faces Lawsuit for Tardiness


Two passionate music enthusiasts from the heart of New York have taken legal action against the legendary pop icon Madonna, citing a considerable delay in the kick-off of her Brooklyn concert, which they argue caused undue inconvenience and stress. The complainants, Michael Fellows from Brooklyn and Jonathan Hadden from The Bronx, expressed particular dismay as the delayed event clashed with their early work commitments the following morning.

The controversial concert was part of Madonna’s widely publicized ‘Celebration Tour,’ and the dissatisfied fans initiated the legal proceedings on Wednesday, filing paperwork in the federal court in Brooklyn, as reported by The New York Post.

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According to the lawsuit, Fellows and Hadden’s tickets indicated an 8:30 p.m. start time, but to their disappointment, Madonna did not take the stage until around 10:45 p.m.

The allegations within the lawsuit extend beyond Madonna, implicating entertainment giant Live Nation and the hosting venue, Barclays Center, accusing them of ‘unconscionable, unfair, and/or deceptive trade practices.’

Fellows and Hadden detailed their predicament, citing a lack of public transit options and increased transportation costs due to the late start time. Their legal claims seek unspecified monetary compensation, with aspirations to elevate the suit to a class action level, citing a pattern of tardiness in Madonna’s performances.

Interestingly, this is not Madonna’s first encounter with a lawsuit over perceived punctuality issues. In 2019, she faced a similar class action lawsuit during her ‘Madame X’ tour, where ticketholders raised concerns about late start times conflicting with their early commitments the next day.

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In the previous case, Nate Hollander, a key plaintiff, accused Madonna of a ‘long-standing pattern’ of starting concerts belatedly. Madonna, in response to past allegations, addressed her audience, declaring, ‘Here’s the gist of it, and you all should take note … a queen is never tardy.’

The crux of the matter extends beyond the delayed concert start time; it delves into the subsequent impact on attendees who had early work commitments the next day, leaving fans feeling deceived.

In an era where audiences expect transparency and reliability from the music industry, such actions, if unaddressed, could potentially tarnish the artist’s reputation. Concerts draw diverse audiences, including dedicated fans juggling work and passion, emphasizing the need for commitment to fan expectations.

As today’s fanbase demands accountability, this case serves as a potential lesson for the music industry, highlighting the importance of respecting fans’ commitments. The outcome remains uncertain, but the message is clear: respect for fans’ time is paramount as the music industry evolves, emphasizing the need for responsibility and commitment to maintain trust and loyalty globally.


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