Facebook suspends Robert Kennedy

Facebook has removed the personal Instagram page of Robert Kennedy Jr. the Nephew of late President John F. Kennedy, and founder of a nonprofit organization called Children’s Health Defense

Kennedy is well known for his anti vaccine activism. Facebook and Instagram have recently begun a crack down on anti vaccine rhetoric. 

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This is a classic control of thought. Almost nothing is for certain and debunks are almost never concrete. Therefore an individual should always have the right to challenge conventional ideas. Facebook has taken it upon themselves to police these unconventional ideals and shield their users from them. 

Kennedy was actively sharing skepticism of the COVID 19 vaccine on his personal page. 

A Facebook spokesperson told Fox Business “We removed this account for repeatedly sharing debunked claims about the coronavirus or vaccines,” 

Accounts linked to the non profit have been sharing similar content expressing skepticism over the vaccine, but have not been removed from the platforms. 

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