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Trump Challenges All Presidential Candidates to Cognitive Testing

Former President Trump Advocates for Intellect Testing to Ensure Presidential Competence


No stone was left unturned by the previous President as he confidently challenged his successor amid the burgeoning election season. The ex-President, widely anticipated as the Republican Party’s standard-bearer, has directly questioned competence at the highest levels of leadership. While refraining from stating President Biden’s name at a recent political gathering, he proposed a unique method to gauge a candidate’s capacity to manage the demands of the presidency.

The former commander-in-chief articulated his belief in the necessity of a presidential hopeful’s mental agility examination, regardless of its alleged non-compliance with constitutional norms. He was uncertain of why the constitution forbids mental acuity or aptitude tests for presidential candidates but emphasized his stance for such examinations not just for presidential candidates, but vice-presidential ones and possibly other crucial roles as well.

He argued that prowess is important beyond age, stressing that intelligence should be a measure for any presidential candidate. He said that the test should aim at ensuring that any individual, even if they were as young as 35, is competent enough for the job. However, he clarified that although these tests might not be the ultimate measure of intelligence, they can serve to filter out those ill-prepared for such a demanding role.

He humorously drew the crowd in, claiming that only a small portion of those present would pass such a test, yet he had managed to do so with relative ease. Nevertheless, he expressed his experience of mockery, with critics finding the test too straightforward. In response, he encouraged the crowd to attempt it themselves and discover its complexity.

Maintaining a light-hearted but serious tone, he suggested that many would not pass the examination, citing an ambiguous ‘he’ and questioning his potential performance. Then, he shifted gears towards perhaps one of the most hotly debated topics of his presidency – border control.

Promising a robust stance against border issues, the previous President voiced his commitment to strengthening support for Texas rather than restraining it. The former leader assured reinforcements would be sent to Texas under his leadership at a public event held at the Big League Dreams sports park in Las Vegas, Newsmax reported.

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Reiterating his stalwart stance on border protection, he pledged to fully utilize the powers of the U.S. President to safeguard America against what he perceives as an ongoing, adverse invasion. He re-emphasised this commitment during a rally that was broadcast live on the Newsmax TV network.

He assured the attendees that if he were to reclaim the White House, his approach would be uncompromising. His plan includes utilizing all essential military and law enforcement resources to seal the remaining areas of the border.

Reminiscing his previous tenure, he proudly mentioned that his administration had constructed over 500 miles of the border wall. He expressed his bafflement at those who favored open borders and questioned the logic behind such a stance, dubbing it an ‘open wound’ harmful to the country.

With regards to the Hispanic vote, the former president confidently claimed that his support within the community was growing stronger than what the Democrats were commanding. He pledged to overturn the situation he described as an invasion, building on his usual assertions about border security.

Reflecting on his initial days in office, he recalled inheriting a border situation that was far from ideal. He lauded his efforts to resolve the issue to such an extent that he no longer needed to campaign on the matter during the previous election cycle in 2020.

The former President felt that his actions on the border issue were so successful that it ceased to be a debating point. He believed that due to his efforts, border security became a non-issue during his tenure, a situation that has since changed.

Pointing a finger at the current administration, he voiced his disapproval of what he sees as a deterioration in protection at the southern border. Specifically, he criticized Biden, referring to him disparagingly, for opposing Texas’ efforts to maintain border security.

He expressed his bewilderment over the ease with which people could enter the country with seemingly little to no scrutiny, a situation he described as unprecedented. By allowing this, he alleged we were unsure of who we were letting in and from where they came – a circumstance he found incredibly concerning.

In his view, the current direction of the country is heading towards chaos because of either incompetence or harmful elements. He lambasted the current administration for not having a firm grasp on what they were doing with the country and vehemently portrayed the situation as a country on the slippery slope to decline.

In closing, he expressed gratitude towards Republican Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas for invoking the invasion clause to shield his state. The former President’s remarks underscored his belief in a firm hand when it comes to border security and his determination to continue championing this cause.

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