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U.S. National Security at Risk Through Relaxed Border Control

Expert Foresees Grim Future of Terror Threats Amid Lenient Border Control

Due to the noticeably lenient stance on border control taken by the present administration led by President Biden, an intelligence analyst with wide-reaching experience of nearly 40 years, anticipates a frightful turn of events.

Tony Seruga, a California-based entrepreneur who actively operates in the domains of geotracking, geolocation, and intelligence analysis, took to the X platform to express his grave concern. Over the forthcoming 14 months, he projects, America could face an onslaught of terror incidents.

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Seruga, leveraging his LinkedIn profile, defines himself as a ‘hardcore serial entrepreneur with a record of 600 flourishing or sold businesses’. In addition, he reveals performing intelligence assignments independently for several nations’ governments and federal agencies over the years.

The ominous message he shared on the X platform accompanied photographs depicting men marked with militant tattoos alongside images of countless migrants crossing a river.

‘Intelligence is NEVER absolute. It’s an intricate, chaotic process. Rarely can I ‘guarantee’ the gist of intelligence. Often, simply making certain information public can deter potential threats or actual attacks. However, with as close to absolute certainty, I believe, there WILL be multitude of terrorist attacks in the U.S.’, this was Seruga’s stark warning.

His forewarnings portray a scenario where terror strikes come in waves over the subsequent 14 months. In his words, ‘Hundreds of thousands of saboteurs, who are trained operatives of the CCP, are planned to disrupt our electrical grid, contaminate our water supply, and bring our railways and key highways to ruin.

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Disturbingly, it is believed that there are probably a million, potentially even two million, terrorists already stationed here from nations including Palestine, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Qatar, Lebanon, Iran, Somalia, among others, etc. They are allegedly incredibly well-funded, and alarming still, they allegedly receive monthly card refills administered by the Biden Administration in cooperation with the UN.’

The chilling forecast put out by Seruga also integrates references to a three-part series authored by investigative journalist Todd Bensman. This series brings a purported Hezbollah terrorist assemblage, labeled ‘Unit 910’, into focus, which is allegedly presently in the U.S., lying in wait for the command to strike.

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In a subsequent post, he pointed out, ‘The predicaments in Israel and Ukraine are mere digressions from the larger oppression commencing right in our backyard. It appears America stands on the precipice of its own collapse.’

Seruga is not alone in voicing these quite grave predictions. Alongside an extraordinary spike in illicit entries into American territory and mounting requests for a global jihad amidst the escalating Israel-Hamas conflict, U.S. officials are echoing similar apprehensions that the U.S. is exposed to a considerable threat of a terrorist attack as reported by Just the News on Tuesday.

Whether they are incumbent public officials, intelligence officers, border patrol personnel, or security experts from previous administrations, the country’s top experts on the subject of terrorism seem to be thinking alike about the vulnerabilities of the United States’ national security, as conveyed by the news outlet.

Simultaneously, as per reports, the immigration and border crises that surfaced post Biden’s overturning of his antecedent’s rigorous control policies seem to be escalating. As per estimates, more than 5 million individuals are believed to have unlawfully crossed into the U.S. since Biden took office.

Moreover, recent data released by Customs and Border Protection reveals an all-time high in the number of migrants illegally crossing into the United States in September. As per this data, provided by Fox News, there were 269,735 migrant encounters in September. The data further shows that 218,763 were caught inappropriate entry by Border Patrol agents, taking the annual total of migrants at the southern border for FY 23 to a staggering 2.48 million.

This number, as reported by Fox News citing the CBP data, overshadows the 2.38 million of FY 22 and the 1.73 million of FY 21. In comparison, there were just 458,088 encounters in FY 2020.

Out of the total number who entered, 43,000 individuals utilized the controversial CBP One App. This app gives the migrants an opportunity to schedule an appointment to be legally entered into the U.S.

Lastly, as per reports, fiscal year 23 has recorded 18 instances of encounters of individuals on the terror watch list intercepted unlawfully attempting to cross the southern US border. This takes the total for FY 23 to 169, which is a new high and significantly more than the total over the last six fiscal years combined.


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