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Former GOP Representative Riggleman Joins Hunter Biden’s Defense Line

Riggleman, Outspoken Trump Foe, Employs Expertise in Defense of Hunter Biden


Former Virginia Congressman Denver Riggleman, a Republican, has recently joined the cadre assisting Hunter Biden, the President’s son, amid increasing scrutiny from Republican house members over his business affairs.

Riggleman’s specific line of duty pertains to data assessment, aiding the legal help working for Biden to handle congressional probes and to dissect any Republican accusations about his behavior.

Kevin Morris, a close legal associate of Hunter Biden, confirmed Riggleman’s pivotal role in supporting Biden on Tuesday.

‘Since late last year, Riggleman has been instrumental in assisting us in the realm of data interpretation,’ Morris declared ‘His expertise is immensely valuable and has significantly helped in disentangling the intricate web of corruption and misinformation that pervades this case.’ He further stated that more revelations are to be expected.

In his capacity, Riggleman has been tasked with evaluating the veracity of Republican claims surrounding a laptop alleged to have been abandoned by Hunter Biden at a Delaware computer repair store in 2019.

This computer was later acquired by the FBI under a subpoena. CBS News was given a copy of the contained data by the repair shop’s lawyer and analyzed by two cyber sleuths from Computer Forensic Services based in Minneapolis.

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Riggleman committed extensive time to carrying out digital forensic examinations for the Biden legal team, to ascertain whether any material linked to Hunter Biden, for instance, text messages, has been manipulated or forged. Details from the supposedly abandoned laptop, as well as bank documentation, form key pieces of the Republican investigation into the Biden family affairs.

53-year-old Riggleman, an ex-intelligence officer for the Air Force, has faced critiques over his outspoken criticism of former President Donald Trump and his appearances on media where he often asserts the concerns of far-right extremism and conspiracy theories.

He believes that these are serious threats to American democracy, as explained in his book ‘The Breach’, which relates to these problems and his role in the House select committee.

During his appearance on ’60 Minutes’ last year, Riggleman inferred that the Trump administration should face a deeper investigation regarding any possible communications with Jan. 6 rioters. ‘The American people deserve to know that there may be important links that warrant further exploration,’ Riggleman remarked.

After he exited congress in early 2021, Riggleman was a late addition to the January 6th committee, following a single term representing the Charlottesville region.

During his congressional tenure, he caused stir among local conservatives following his decision to preside over a same-sex marriage. This resulted in his defeat by a more conservative candidate in a nomination convention in 2020.

In his early days with the January 6th committee, he cultivated relationships with several committee members while meticulously analyzing and mapping text messages retrieved from Trump allies, such as Mark Meadows, the former White House Chief of Staff.

However, frictions surrounding the committee’s approach, as well as the breadth of its investigation, eventually resulted in Riggleman’s departure.

Public knowledge of Riggleman’s disappointment with the committee happened coincidentally with the release of ‘The Breach’ last year.

A spokesperson for the committee disagreed with the notion that the committee was not vigorously investigating the January 6th event, calling it false and misleading. They pointed to an in-depth forthcoming final report as a comprehensive proof.

In the upcoming months, GOP probes into Hunter Biden’s activities could likely overlap with presidential campaigning, as Republican contenders start participating in debates, while President Biden gears his reelection campaign into high gear.

In June, Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss announced a plea agreement accomplished with Hunter Biden, potentially bypassing a trial or jail time.

Many Republicans in the House have commented on this development, fueling allegations that the Department of Justice favored Hunter Biden due to his presidential lineage.

Hunter, President Biden’s son, is subjected to mounting GOP attention regarding his business transactions. Riggleman, once a Republican representative from Virginia, is now working with the team providing legal counsel to Hunter Biden.

He has been tackling data-related issues, aiding Biden’s attorneys navigate legislative interrogations and dissect GOP allegations concerning his behavior.

With a focus on data examination, Riggleman has been instrumental in investigating claims made against Biden’s conduct. His role in Hunter Biden’s team was authenticated by Kevin Morris, a legal advisor and close friend of the President’s son.

‘Denver has been our guiding hand in data analysis since the past year,’ Morris stated. ‘He’s a critical asset in our search for truth amidst the rampant corruption and misinformation in this case. The public will be made aware of our progress soon.’

Riggleman, previously serving in the Air Force as intelligence personnel, has developed a reputation as a steadfast critic of ex-President Donald Trump.

He frequently casts light on the perils of extreme right-wing radicalism and conspiracy theories – a menace to American democracy as he sees it. Riggleman addressed these issues, along with discussing his work for the House’s select committee, in his book, ‘The Breach’.

In a session on the program ’60 Minutes’ last year, Riggleman proposed further inquiry into the Trump administration for potential communication with the Jan. 6 rioters. Riggleman, then a member of the Jan. 6 committee, concluded his term in the House early 2021 after having represented Charlottesville region.

Earning conservatives’ ire for officiating a same-sex marriage during his tenure, he was later defeated by a conservative contender in the nomination convention of 2020.


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