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Elon Musk’s Handpicked CEO Strikes Power Move with Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson Set to Disrupt Digital Content with Groundbreaking Deal


Devotees of the erstwhile leading Fox News personality, Tucker Carlson, no longer need to yearn for fresh content from their favourite conservative figurehead. As reported recently, Tucker Carlson has landed a ground-breaking deal, masterminded by the CEO of  X – Linda Yaccarino. Significantly, this deal stands as one of her standout achievements since assuming her new role.

Guided by a shared vision and mutual respect, Linda and Justin Wells – the seasoned executive producer of Tucker’s old Fox News show – convened on June 26 to broach the subject of a potential collaboration.

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Linda, handpicked by tech visionary Elon Musk himself, was eager to get the ball rolling, making her eagerness to strike a deal evident from day one at the company’s New York offices.

Emerging out of Fox News’ top prime-time spot, Carlson had taken to Twitter to share short videos in the interim. Linda, however, saw an opportunity to solidify the arrangement, sharing advertising returns and delivering a powerful platform for Carlson’s insights.

With her news experience hailing from NBC News and her Republican leanings, there was a clear drive to attract top-tier talent to the platform.

The ultimate goal? To transform this platform into something akin to a YouTube or a TikTok – a hub of creative original content. The agreement was reportedly inked recently, implying that we’ll likely witness an influx of Carlson-originated content appearing on the platform, as per a report by journalist Sarah Ellison.

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In her own words on the day she began her tenure at ‘X’: ‘I sat down with Tucker Carlson’s long-standing producer. We just secured a deal that is bound to result in an abundance of Tucker content here.’ Clearly, the future of the platform is set to be influenced heavily by this distinctive conservative voice.

Christopher Rufo, renowned as a conservative activist, implied to The Post that this deal has re-calibrated the power dynamics.

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He observed how the field once largely catered to the left-leaning dimension, but now, with this development, a more balanced equilibrium has emerged. This is perceivably a milestone in serving the right, presenting a substantial relative advantage.

However, not everything is rosy for the platform. Despite these new developments, it’s grappling with waning activity levels since Musk’s acquisition a year ago.

The active user base has slightly tipped over the 30% decrease mark, and overall site activity, including advertiser engagement, has similarly dipped.

This decline is partly attributed by The Post to a perceived partisan dominance on the platform, potentially fuelled by the very revenue-sharing programme that attracted Carlson.

This is indeed an interesting perspective to consider; how the balance and dynamic between differing political viewpoints might impact a platform’s overall performance.

Carlson, meanwhile, is continuing to make waves with his prophetic statements. He raised eyebrows recently with a forecast surrounding the 2024 presidential election, expressing doubts that we’re heading towards another head-to-head between current President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump.

In his words, the presumption that Biden is ‘senile’ was not an attempt to sling mud but an outspoken observation on an evident reality.

Carlson suggested, by pointing to the polls, that Biden’s popularity among the public has waned in the face of Trump, even as the latter is amidst a legal battle involving 90 or more charges from multiple indictments.

The crux of Carlson’s argument was simple. He asserted, ‘Take the opponent out of the race, even then they’re losing.’ Leaving the outcome uncertain, he confidently stated that he doesn’t see the forthcoming contest being between Trump and Biden.

Indeed, he was bold enough to stake his cherished holiday retreat in Maine on this belief.

So, what will the future hold? Carlson shrugged it off as one of several hundred possibilities, leaving it wide open. However, one potential outcome deeply unsettled him – the idea of it being Gavin Newsom, a prospect he considers to be deeply worrisome.

If the candidate turns out to be Gavin Newsom, Carlson warns, ‘we should be gravely concerned. That man is truly intimidating, and I sincerely mean it. That’s an entirely separate discussion.’ His concerns raise interesting questions about potential future scenarios.

Carlson concluded by asserting that the impending issues will have to be confronted sooner rather than later – within a year. The journey to November 2024, he predicted, will be fraught with unforeseen circumstances, ensuring serious times ahead. After all, it’s no less than the world’s leadership at stake.

The last element Carlson mentioned? That leading the world is, in fact, the ‘most lucrative possible franchise in human history.’

Surely, an interesting perspective from the conservative commentator known for his insightful and often provocative observations. The path to 2024 holds unanticipated intrigue; and Carlson,having found a new platform, is set to be a major commentator on this journey.


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