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Elon Musk Says Biden Opened the Borders so Democrats Can Stay in Power

Musk Questions the Logic of Unrestricted Border Crossings


Industrial magnate Elon Musk recently expressed his frustration once more over the current policies regarding border control, positing that the head of the nation is deliberately permitting an unprecedented number of individuals entry into the United States. His contention extends to the notion that this aim is motivated by a desire to secure unending dominance for one political party.

Musk’s noteworthy fortune and outspoken criticism of the ongoing situation on the southern periphery of the country underscores the seriousness of his stance. Late in the night on the previous Friday, he disseminated a headline from a news story from the past year, highlighting a plan to grant legal status to 11 million estimated individuals during the administrative term.

Musk’s analyzation of the situation was clear cut. He alluded to a two-point strategy: Firstly, to allow as many undocumented individuals as possible into the country and secondly, to change their status to legitimize their stay. This, according to Musk, fears would result in a political monopoly for the said party. This, he conjectured, is the rationale for promoting mass undocumented immigration, tagging it as uncomplicated yet highly proficient.

According to a fiscal 2023 report from the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the quantity of immigrants not currently detained has escalated from 3.7 million in fiscal 2021 to nearing 4.8 million in 2022 and a projected 6.2 million in 2023. Given these figures, Musk, originally an expatriate of South Africa, re-asserted his stance on a popular platform, remarking that the decrease in deportations could be correlated with potential lost votes.

Musk went further, reacting to recent events in New York where two police officers were publically attacked. The attackers were subsequently released without bail, which Musk found totally unjustifiable. He was amazed that even after the audacity of such acts, deportation wasn’t considered as an option. His perplexion was evident.

The tech magnate was also dumbfounded by the situation where individuals arrested multiple times would still avoid incarceration or deportation. Mentioning an instance of a Venezuelan woman who had faced multiple arrests within the span of six months, Musk couldn’t see the sense in a justice system that didn’t follow through after the arrest.

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Musk has previously posited that the procurement of asylum after unlawful border crossing has become as straightforward as performing a search online. This ease, he indicated, was part of the issue. Additionally, as the owner of the multinational companies Tesla and SpaceX, as well as a prominent social platform, Musk expressed concerns that this rising influx of undocumented immigrants could serve as a strategy for illicitly manipulating upcoming elections.

Musk highlighted a proposed bill that encompasses significant financial support for Ukraine, but then redirected focus onto the border challenge. He articulated that no new laws were required to address the situation. Instead, he recommended the implementation of a simple requirement for proof prior to arranging an asylum hearing, as was the past practice.

Agreeing with a comment by Silicon Valley’s prominent entrepreneur and investor David Sacks, noting the reluctance of the current administrators to enforce the already existing laws, Musk expressed approval with a simple ‘exactly’. This agreement emphasized Musk’s conviction that the malfunctions seen in the border control system wouldn’t be resolved unless the existing laws were properly activated.

In September, Musk visited Eagle Pass, Texas – a point on the southern border, to witness firsthand the refugee predicament. By sharing his experiences through livestream, Musk offered a direct perspective to the public on the ongoing border crisis. His actions not only validated his criticisms but gave a personal touch to his concern over the issue.

Last week, the topmost authority noted that he utilized ‘all I can do’ regarding his executive jurisdiction to secure the border. This response, however, did not sit well with everyone, especially House Republicans who are now venturing to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for his role in managing the crisis.

Speaker Mike Johnson was vocal in his criticism as well, on the House floor, attributing the ‘disaster’ at the southern periphery to both the authoritative figure and Mayorkas. Johnson expressed angst that the ensuing anarchy and tumult were deteriorating the very elements that held the society together.

Johnson affirmed that responsibility could be taken to stem the tide of issues arising from this situation. However, he has also observed a refusal to accept blame for current conditions, suggesting that attempts are being made to divert attention towards Congress for the administration’s haphazard tactics.

Johnson considered such attempts to distort the blame laughable, expressing the belief that no one would be deceived by this evasion of responsibility. The complex and concerning situation at the border, an issue of heightened public and political importance, continues to evoke strong sentiments.

Surrounded by controversy and political debate, the situation on the southern border needs immediate attention. The administration’s handling of the border crisis has drawn criticism from varied quarters, including those like Musk who, whilst coming from a tech and entrepreneurial background, nevertheless fundamentally understand the rule of law and enforcement.

In conclusion, this account demonstrates that concerns surrounding border control continue to garner attention and prompt controversy. As political figures navigate this crisis, voices outside traditional political spheres, such as Elon Musk’s, provide important commentary on this ongoing issue.

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