Elon Musk Sparks Outrage with Anti-Trans Comments on Twitter

Twitter Faces Backlash Over its Policies as Elon Musk Brands ‘Cisgender’ a Slur


Entrepreneur Elon Musk has recently made a comment on Twitter that the terms “cisgender” and “cis” are now considered slurs on the platform. Musk, who has a history of sharing anti-transgender content on the app, received a tweet from a user claiming to receive messages from some “trans activists” and added that ‘cis’ is not supposed to be used.

The user admitted to receiving a barrage of messages from the above mentioned ‘activists’, who called her ‘cissy’ disregarding the fact that she did not identify as such. Musk also pointed out that the words ‘cis’ or ‘cisgender’ are considered slurs on Twitter. It is not known whether this change in policy is permanent or one-sided.


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The term ‘cisgender’ is commonly used by the transgender community and has a significant meaning for them.

The term refers to a person who identifies with the sex they were assigned at birth. Although Twitter’s hateful conduct policies don’t mention the particular word, it states that any repeated slurs, tropes, or harmful content of any form targeted towards a protected category is prohibited. Hence, for many, the term is an essential aspect of the transgender community’s vocabulary.

Musk has a tendency to announce Twitter’s policies based on his personal whims, which may or may not comply with the site’s official policies.

In addition to making this remark on Twitter regarding the terms ‘cis’ and ‘cisgender,’ Musk has a history of publicly attacking and spreading anti-trans sentiments, such as tweeting his plans of lobbying to criminalize healthcare for transgender children, which he thinks could result in ‘irreparable changes’. This comment comes as a shock, given that his daughter is transgender and filed for a legal name change in 2022 to live away from Musk.

Musk’s tweet has, to some extent, pleased conservative right-wing Twitter users as the majority of them view the terms ‘cis’ and ‘cisgender’ as discriminatory against the non-transgender population. Some feel that the term is unreasonable for and offensive to non-transgender people, as it presents them as being in a privileged position, while others feel that the term carries a negative connotation with it.

An increasing number of transphobic remarks against transgender people are surfacing on the internet, and with this in mind, the reaction from transgender communities on Twitter has a sigh of hope for those triumphing for equality. They argue that Twitter should examine how the policy is enforced when discrimination and hate speech take place. The need of the hour is for Twitter to take a definitive statement, letting everyone know where the platform stands on issues of hate speech and discrimination.

The move by Musk needs to be viewed in the larger context of the impact it might have on the fight for equality and inclusivity. The struggle for acceptance and equal rights is an ongoing process, and with even the founder of Tesla sharing anti-transgender content on social media platforms, there is still a long way to go. Musk’s comments have once again reignited the debate over what free speech truly means in light of hate speech and how it should be dealt with on digital platforms.

It is disappointing to see such comments from someone of Musk’s stature, who is looked up to by many for inspiration. However, it is equally important to note that his statements have brought the issue and debate to the forefront, showcasing the need for more understanding and respect for all humans.

Many conservatives believe that freedom of speech has been under threat in recent times and that the left is attempting to restrict their right to express opinions freely. The controversy over these terms ‘cis’ and ‘cisgender’ is comparable to the ‘cancellation culture’ debate, and while the transgender community has been subject to hate speech and discrimination for a long time, many conservatives see it differently, viewing it as targeting non-trans members of society unfairly.

Whatever one’s views are, Musk’s deeming remarks as slurs on Twitter have received quite a bit of attention, and it calls out the need for us all to realize the impact of our words on others. We need to think again about the kind of world we want to create for ourselves and encourage everyone to stand up against hate speech and champion the fight for rights and equality for all.

It’s high time for advocates on both sides of the conversation to come together and regardless of one’s beliefs, must work together for a more accepting and welcoming society. There needs to be an understanding of the pain and suffering of the transgender community and support for their ongoing fight for equality.

The impact of hate speech can never be underestimated, and its reactions are more heightened on social media. Twitter’s policies on hate speech and the discriminatory use of terms must be reevaluated to ensure a safer, more equitable platform for everyone, regardless of gender identification.

Twitter’s automated response has left many questioning its complete disregard for problems that may arise from discriminatory expression on the platform. The issue isn’t the lack of a response from Twitter but the fact that hate speech is evident and needs to be dealt with head-on, making the role of advocates for positivity, anti-discrimination all the more important.

Although the subject has sparked a debate between conservatives and liberals alike, it is the transgender community who face the brunt of it and must be protected from hate and discrimination. We must remember that diversity and inclusion should be deeply embedded values in every society.

Musk’s comments have once again amplified the importance of standing up against hate speech and discrimination in all forms and to try to understand the suffering of those who have been victims of hate and violence and work towards creating a more compassionate world for all.


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