Elizabeth Hurley Turns Heads with Sauna Post During Thai Retreat

Model Diaries: Hurley, Sweeney, Klum, Sims Share a Peek into Their Lives

Elizabeth Hurley, a renowned model and actress, graced social media with a delightful health-conscious post from her relaxing retreat in Thailand.

The video she uploaded featured her clothed in a towel within a sauna, playfully letting it drop as she wanders deeper into the steamy space. With a playful grin she faces the camera, her fit physique apparent. The caption she penned for this Instagram snippet read, ‘A dash of steamy warmth.’

Prior to her sauna post, Hurley elaborated on her purpose for visiting the exotic destination, which included more than leisurely lounging. Instead, she has taken residence at the Chiva-Som wellness spa, a place she labeled as her ‘top health spa globally’.

Her time there constituted a mix of exercise, mindful practices and a healthy nutrition plan she committed herself to. ‘We often find ourselves at the tail end of our to-do lists,’ she articulated in an earlier conversation with Women’s Health magazine in December 2022.


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In a time where women are starting to prioritize themselves more, Hurley stated during the Women’s Health interview: ‘I believe there’s now a powerful drive to incentivize women to cherish their own well-being and health.’ For her, attending to one’s own needs isn’t a selfish act, but rather an urgent necessity.

On the other side of the globe, Sydney Sweeney’s Instagram followers received a taste of her adventures Down Under. Through a photo compilation, Sweeney is seen gearing up in a bright green swimsuit ready to explore Australia. Her caption, ‘This is home, Australia’, accompanies images of her hanging out with friends in a car, water sliding, and striking poses within a bovine-filled field.

Despite her successful acting career, Sweeney shared earlier in March how society’s perception of her physique has affected her. According to her, people often reduce her to the blonde actress with a full figure.

Sweeney’s well-known portrayals include Cassie from the popular Max series ‘Euphoria’. She also had her share of the limelight in popular productions like ‘The White Lotus’, ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’, and ‘Americana’.


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Heidi Klum, another high-profile model, spent her Thanksgiving in her own unique way: gyrating in a bikini and a large white shirt in front of a television. Sporting a chic black hat, the festivities included celebrations for the German show ‘Die Bergretter’, where she recently made a guest appearance. The vivacious dances were posted on her Instagram account, revealing a peek into her holiday celebrations.

To commemorate her Thanksgiving festivities further, Klum unveiled a wealth of pictures and snippets from her times on the set. Beyond her carefree mini fiesta, she also documented a cart overload with groceries and shared a warm, intimate scene featuring her and her spouse, Tom Kaulitz, sharing a tender kiss.

Molly Sims, another prominent model, documented her get-away to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. She shared her vivid series of vacationing pics wearing a vibrant orange swimsuit, accessorized with multiple gold necklaces and bracelets. In one of those, she complements her beach attire with what appears to be a margarita in hand. Accompanied by a triumphant proclamation, ‘WE’RE BACK’, is the anticipation of a potential stomach flu encounter with her child, Grey.

Grey is among the three children she has with her spouse, Scott Stuber. Sims candidly describes parenthood as ‘unquestionably the world’s most demanding job’ on her blog. She acknowledges that both she and her husband are aware of the laborious task of engaged parenting and understands that there is no definitive right way to approach it.

Drawing from her own experiences, she has learned that ‘there are multiple effective strategies based on the family’s dynamics.’ Sims and Stuber’s strategical approach, although not perfect, has been found to be generally efficient in dealing with the hurdles of parenthood for their family.