EA Sports to Release New College Football Game in 2024

College football fans around the world, get ready for the good news! EA Sports will be releasing a college football game in 2024. This is despite the fact that they had to pull the plug on it previously due to the NIL situation.

The company is keen to release the game in spite of ongoing controversies and legal challenges around player payments and ownership rights. While The Brandr Group is suing EA over the use of player name, image, and likeness rights, it’s unlikely to have much bearing on the release date of the game. EA has said that their release timeline won’t be impacted by the controversy and that they’re ‘incredibly excited to bring back college football’.

Interestingly, EA has yet to make any offers to individual college athletes for the game. While the College Football Players Association has urged players to reject any offers from EA Sports via their names, images, and likenesses, EA is in no rush to make any such deals since the game will be encompassing the 2024 season, giving them plenty of time to sort it out further down the line.

EA Sports is also very aware that once the offers do go out, it will be headline news everywhere. One thing is for sure, “Ninety-nine percent of these kids in the game, this will be the only NIL deal they ever do.”


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For the lesser-known players that may only receive small amounts of payment but will most probably never feature anywhere else, being in the game and earning a little money for their efforts is massive. The real challenge is to get the deals right for the big names in the game. Without them, it will be a very difficult task for EA Sports to do justice to the famous motto made famous in the ’90s: “If it’s in the game, it’s in the game.”

Given that the game will not be released until 2024, EA has plenty of time to get everything sorted out. However, they’re unlikely to waste any more time on this as they’re already pushing ahead with plans for the game. There’s also the matter of properly compensating the big names in the game. The issue is that any promotion EA Sports provides to these stars would be a double-edged sword. They’ll draw attention to the game, but the big names would be the only real benefactors while less notable names would be left with meager compensation and little recognition.

College football has been a solid industry for many years, and EA Sports has been a key player in creating awareness among fans around the world. While there are concerns over the national image and likeness revenue, the clamoring from fans for a college sports game from EA is immense. These fans have been waiting for a game like this to come back for a long time

EA Sports may face a public opinion blowback once they start offering athletes relatively small amounts of money for the use of their NIL, especially larger names compared to the smaller ones. However, EA Sports remains unperturbed as they are already aware that this pool of money is limited for every player. EA sports is eager to proceed with the release because it has been made a priority to bring back college football and entertain the fans.

While fans may enjoy seeing their favorite college athletes in the game come 2024, it remains a real possibility that the bigger names in the game won’t take part. This makes it harder for EA Sports to justify saying “If it’s in the game, it’s in the game.” That being said, they’re still going to make the game a priority, regardless of whether the bigger names in college football are involved or not.

EA Sports’ ultimate goal is to make sure that no matter the size of an athlete’s brand, they will all have equal rights when it comes to the NIL deals with EA Sports. In the long run, if EA Sports can get this right, it will place them in a much stronger position within the college football community simply because they’ll be able to provide all athletes with an equal opportunity to benefit from the game.

There are obvious challenges with compensation for the bigger names in the game. Large sums of money and promotion would have to be offered, which is easier said than done given that there’s only a finite amount of cash available. This puts EA Sports in a tough spot, balancing the expectations of the players while staying within a reasonable budget.

EA Sports will certainly face criticism no matter what moves they make, either offering too little or too much. EA Sports believes that releasing the game should be the top priority. It is not only a huge market opportunity for the company, but the return of college football gaming will help bolster the industry as a whole.

College football video games are great for fans, revenue streams, and athletes, but it is challenging to execute when it comes to NCAA policies. While things like image and name compensation can be a hard pill to swallow, college football gamers are eagerly looking forward to the release of the latest iteration of their beloved gaming franchise in 2024.

Given that the NCAA is yet to make a unified policy on NIL deals, there’s a lot of uncertainty around how compensation will work once the game is released. While the bigger stars will no doubt get a handsome amount of money, the lesser-known players may not be as lucky. Even so, EA Sports is pushing ahead with plans to release the game, and there’s no doubt that eager gamers will be eager to get their hands on it and play.

EA Sports’ decision to release a new college football game amidst such controversy is a bold one, but it’s also the right decision by the company. EA Sports continues to put plans in place to ensure that players of all levels will get the opportunity to benefit from the game.

EA Sports’ statement about The Brandr Group and the controversy surrounding player name, image, and likeness rights won’t stop the game from shipping in 2024. It’s likely that this news may continue to cause controversy, but beyond that, EA Sports is keen to proceed despite any issues.

In the long term, EA Sports hopes to bring college football back in full swing and create capabilities where athletes can receive fair compensation. EA Sports has a lot of work to do as they need to ensure that the company can walk a fine line between paying enough to keep star athletes interested while not offering a fortune, leaving other athletes with quite the short end of the stick. In the meantime, the games can bring in revenue while serving as an excellent diversion for college football enthusiasts worldwide.

The release of a new college football game in 2024 will create a bigger buzz around college football, which is an excellent opportunity for both the athletes and the fans. While there are challenges around finance and fairness, many people are eagerly awaiting the release of the latest college football game. EA Sports continues to make the game a priority, and college football fans worldwide are cheering them on.


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